Ivy Camps USA makes learning this back-to-school season more fun, exciting through immersive activities, hands-on experiments

As kids head back to school this fall, Ivy Camps USA introduces innovative online after-school classes that provide hands-on activities and collaborative learning.

Ivy Camps USA has rolled out online after-school classes that provide hands-on learning and immersive experience. 

“Ivy Camps USA is leading the way in providing online education with hands-on activities and tasks that help children quickly gain new skills,” says Hannah Garcia, Assistant Director of Marketing & Development at Ivy Camps USA.

For instance, in one of their science-focused classes, students are guided by an instructor to learn real-world physics concepts that they then apply by working to build their own functional models of boats and planes. These boats and planes are then put to the test by students in fun, hands-on challenges and experiments. 

Bella, a student who enrolled for the Mastering YouTube Content Creation class, created a tasty ocean-themed cake filled with incredible decorations for her YouTube channel. 

On the other hand, Claudia performed a beautiful and emotional dance at the end of her Acting For Stage and Media class. 

The young girls were enrolled in Ivy Camp USA’s unique Arts, Media, and Communications classes, where students learn through hands-on activities and content creation, allowing them to produce appealing and awe-inspiring content that boosts their creativity and problem-solving skills. 

Hannah says this is part of efforts to bring immersive activities and collaborative experiences that engage children and support them gain new skills and knowledge.

In addition to Arts, Media, and Communications classes, Ivy Camps USA offers online STEAM classes, where children get to discover the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) through hands-on experiments, comprehensive instruction, and the pursuit of original projects led by students themselves. 

Ivy Camps USA also leads the charge in bringing online business leadership classes, where students explore the world of business and develop leadership skills through comprehensive instruction and role-play activities.

Hannah says, “Ivy Camps USA is an industry leader that promotes fearless experimenting and discovery so that children never limit themselves and their creativity. With this mindset, we can all make a difference in the world.”

Instructors all come from top universities in the United States, including Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, and the University of Pennsylvania, among others.

In every class and camp, the Ivy Camps USA team guides campers toward mastery in a wide variety of scholastic and artistic endeavors.

Parents can check out the entire list of programs offered by Ivy Camps USA by visiting its website. They can also schedule a one-on-one free consultation with a program advisor. 

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