Joey’s Legacy, Inc. revs up efforts to help victims of veterinary negligence, malpractice globally

The non-profit organization, which is bannered by a vision, “Companion Animals are Family, Not Property,” is composed of a team of vet experts and law affiliates who lead the way in holding practitioners of veterinary medicine accountable for negligence that results in the permanent injuries and deaths of pet companions.

Joey’s Legacy, Inc., a non-profit organization, has stepped up efforts to build a global campaign aimed at helping victims of veterinary negligence and malpractice seek justice for the loss of their companion animals.

With an impressive team of veterinary experts and law affiliates leading the charge, Joey’s Legacy, Inc. reviews the medical records from a claimant and compiles a letter of opinion regarding the standard of care provided.

If negligence or malpractice is determined, the legal team could pursue the case with the veterinarian.  

The process usually begins with a demand letter and could proceed to litigation if a settlement is not received.  

“By law, pets are “property,” but companion animal parents know better. They are family members that provide unconditional love,” says Scott Fine, founder of Joey’s Legacy, Inc. 

However, the organization laments that these are also the same loved ones that are largely disrespected by those who serve on America’s 50 Boards of Veterinary Medicine.

“They are self-governing agencies that are overweighted with veterinarians, guaranteeing a biased outcome in favor of the “accused,” their own colleagues, leaving companion animal parents with nothing but despair, anger, long-term emotional issues, and betrayal from a veterinarian that was trusted to provide proper care,” Joey’s Legacy, Inc. explains.

Calling them “bad actors,” the organization expressed disappointment over their supposed indifference for their patients. Instead, these people actively choose to reap the financial benefits, according to Scott. 

In February 2021, best-selling author JL “Jerry” Robb has released Volume One of his series Joey’s Legacy, Inc. -Seeking Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine.  

The book takes an in-depth examination into the veterinary profession, “peeling back the layers of the onion,” and exposes vet boards for their malfeasance as well as the small subset of veterinarians that prefer to be dishonest with companion animal parents when something goes wrong during a procedure or a surgery. 

The book delves into actual recounted stories of Joey’s Legacy, Inc. members’ experiences with bad actors. Volume Two of the series will be released in September 2021.

John Biffar, a nine-time Emmy award-winning producer and director, has announced working on his latest project, Joey’s Legacy, Inc. – The Documentary. 

The film takes a dive into JL Robb’s books and will start production in the next few months.

In an interview, John said, “It’s an honor for me to be able to tell a story that will give much-needed information to pet parents who want to do everything in their power to keep their pets healthy.”

Joey’s Legacy, Inc. stressed that vet boards must be dismantled and restructured in order to give an equitable “level playing field” for the companion animal parents who have to deal with and wade through the corruption and duplicity from the bad actors in the veterinary profession.

In a bid to scale up efforts to further solidify the group’s campaign, Joey’s Legacy, Inc. has launched a donation drive for its supporters across the globe.

Scott says donations are greatly appreciated and accepted through the website to assist the team in seeking justice for victims of veterinary malpractice.

Individuals may visit the Joey’s Legacy, Inc. website to learn more about the cause or join the Facebook group ‘Joey’s Legacy-VetMal Victims.’

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