Bodybuilder Launches New Program After Battle With Crohn’s Disease And Hiding Same Gender Attraction Identity

Bodybuilder Launches New Program After Battle With Crohn’s Disease And Hiding Same Gender Attraction Identity

San Diego, CA – Nutritionist Stefanie Basso opens up about her life while also opening the doors to her new San Diego location and online training program. The notable bodybuilding competitor, mother, and defier of odds proudly represents positive nutrition, complete body transformation, and supporting the LGBT community.

Stefanie Basso is not your average trainer, nutritionist, and mindset coach. The Hawaii native is excited to open a window into her journey to success while also announcing her new signature Holistic Physique Method (HPM) that is helping motivated clients in-person and online. Her program includes custom-built plans based on their fitness goals, schedule, and overall health. Basso recently announced a physical location for her training programs and launched a new online app to help clients participate in her HPM programs and accountability on progress. After years of managing Crohn’s Disease flare-ups, often caused by the stress of keeping her same-gender attraction a secret, Basso aims to help clients make mindful decisions on health and a positive mindset.

“From a very overweight child, to later in my 20’s a sickly skinny college girl, suffering & in pain from an autoimmune disease, to now as a thriving mother, trainer & kinesiology/nutrition college teacher, & successful bodybuilding competitor, my mission is to show clients that they can defy the odds and limitations, & build their best body & life too!” – Stefanie Basso, Nutritionist + Trainer @ Steffitness 

With her new San Diego office now on the map, Basso has joined an office that includes the area’s best Chiropractor and other respected professionals in their specialized areas of healing (acupuncture, massage, etc). Some of her in-house specialties for SD locals include sports nutrition + performance, fat loss, muscle building, menopause + fat loss, autoimmune, and nutrition education. Online participants reap the same benefits of the HPM program and get access to Basso via Zoom calls and personal accountability through this intense, yet immensely rewarding transformation process.

Leading up to the launch of the program, she has reflected on her journey that involved many hurdles before seeing through these crucial and very personal breakthroughs. She has battled Crohn’s Disease much of her life and also faced health issues from living overweight and underweight at different periods of her youth. She regretfully hid from her truth of being Gay, facing adversity from her ex-husband, peers and family until fully living her truth over ten years ago. In the decade since, she has become an incredible mother, trainer, kinesiology/nutrition college teacher, and successful bodybuilding competitor. In between winning bodybuilding competitions, she dealt with countless surgeries for Crohn’s Disease, found love, won more competitions but always kept her vision for creating a business and lifestyle that empowers herself and those around her.

In April of 2021 Basso began her Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition. In addition to running her programs, she is also a Mindset Coach at CEO Steffitness Whole Body Training and Adjunct Professor at the University of Hawaii Grossmont College. Basso currently lives in La Jolla with her children Pohai and Kekoa where still hopes to instill the values of living with authentic purpose amongst her family and loyal clients.

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About Stefanie Basso:

Stefanie Basso helps chronic dieters end the yo-yo & build their strong bodies & mind with my 12 Week Programs & elite training.  The western world has created much confusion & anxiety in the field of weight loss and she is here to shed light, to show clients how to master nutrition, fitness & overall health once & for all.  

Her signature Holistic Physique Method is used to build your own custom plan based on your health, schedule, food likes & more importantly, fitness goals. She aims to help transform your body and influence you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your health.  It’s time to stop guessing & start living fit & strong.

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