Mariposa Mountain – A Cafe Experience Like No Other

The Butterfly Whisperer introduces Mariposa Mountain, a butterfly-themed café shop with a gallery feel.

Mariposa Mountain is a butterfly themed coffee shop franchise that offers a place for respite, inspiration, and comfort. This shop is among the most unique-looking venues in the area, but aside from excelling in aesthetics, it offers a variety of marvellous facilities. 

The experience of Mariposa Mountain is described by the brand’s owner Taun Richards, who says “I want jaws to hit the floor when customers walk in, and I want their stomachs smiling when they walk out.” Every aspect of the shop exudes tranquility, inspiration, and creativity, which is a statement hundreds of visitors agree with. 

Mariposa Mountain is eclectic, unique, and stunning in terms of both aesthetics and service. 

Abbey Rae shared her thoughts about the brand on Facebook, stating:

“Beautiful images. I am a butterfly enthusiast, and this is one of the coolest sites I have been to.”

Many have complimented the aforementioned statement by describing Mariposa Mountain as ‘Peaceful and lovely’, as well as ‘almost fairytale-like.’ also offers a variety of butterfly-inspired products, both in Mariposa Mountain café and on the company’s online store. These products include butterfly prints on glass, butterfly placemats, butterfly wall calendars, butterfly coasters, coffee mugs, wall clocks, greeting cards, wall art, phone cases, wings book, laptop sleeves, and much more. 

Mariposa Mountain is fully committed to catering to the needs of their customers, and then some, by offering tremendous educational value and a unique customer loyalty rewards program:

“Mariposa Mountain sells a range of beautiful products that can be used as incentives to encourage regular attendance. Loyal customers will get a free cup of coffee, and they can get a beautiful mug to drink it out of. Points can be saved up and redeemed for any of the products in the catalog. In a competitive market, this gives us a huge advantage over other coffee chains which do not have their own product line.”

Mariposa Mountain is also a butterfly conservation site that is constantly working on sheltering and preserving as many of these wonderful creatures as possible. Furthermore, the brand is committed to raising awareness regarding the importance of butterflies, stating:

If we wipe out bees and butterflies you can say goodbye to your Weetabix in the morning, your loaf of bread, your bowl of fruit salad, and virtually every other form of edible food. We should all be aware that growing food using toxic poisons, such as Roundup, has the potential to cause widespread famine. The Guardian Angel butterfly conservation program is my personal contribution to making the world a better place.

More information about, Mariposa Mountain café, and the Guardian Angel Program can be found on the brand’s official website.

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