Adam Mccaughey Goes from Being a Broke Chef to Living a Life of Freedom with 3 Successful Businesses

The business coach’s sales academy teaches others how to take control of their money, career and life.

People around the world have set aside dreams thinking they are not enough to fulfill those dreams. Some even feel stuck in the life they have built, working jobs they dislike just to pay bills. As a result, they build someone else’s dream. Business coach Adam McCaughey steps in to make individuals realize the financial decisions that can turn their life around.

Adam McCaughey has gone through the wringer in the past — being a school dropout and, at 25 years old, working as an overworked chef in kitchens with $60,000 in debt. Even when his career as a chef took him to some of the best restaurants in the world, he did not see what was truly possible until he started working on super-yachts for the mega-rich. And that was when he realized he was not playing big enough.

Over the past few years, McCaughey has taken his 100-hour weeks in the kitchen and put them into developing his skills in business — going from cooking for the best chefs in the world to becoming the best performing sales leader for the best businesses in the country. He spent over $50,000 learning from Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, Tony Robbins and other great coaches in the personal development space. Now, he has created three successful businesses in the middle of a pandemic, earning $40,000 per month and living a life of freedom.

“There is never a failure, but always a lesson. Fall seven times and stand up eight. We’ll never fall if we stand for something,” shared McCaughey.

The business coach uses his expertise in business and offers to personally teach individuals the skills that have propelled him into the world of six- to seven-figure business owners. He teaches everyday people how to create their own digital business online. He also shows existing business owners how to scale their business to $20,000.

The lessons in McCaughey’s academy include the five pillars of ultimate performance: psychology (mastering one’s inner game, values and beliefs) communication (effectively communicating with anyone, anytime), sales (discovering the ultimate performance sales process), rituals (using rituals to optimize everyday life) and creating freedom (crafting, marketing and scaling one’s high-ticket offer).

McCaughey is based in Sydney, Australia. He is a master practitioner of NLP and High Ticket Closer.

He offers free strategy calls, and people can book a meeting to start their application. The coach will show them the exact steps they need to take to launch their dream lifestyle and business in the next six to twelve months.

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Adam McCaughey is a business coach who teaches everyday people how to create their own digital business online.

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