Narrow Aisle BALYO Reach Truck Proves Ideal for Intralogistics

Narrow Aisle BALYO Reach Truck Proves Ideal for Intralogistics

BALYO, a technological leader in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions for material handling trucks, developed the autonomous reach truck (REACHY) Driven by BALYO.  It embeds the unique infrastructure-free navigation technology to the warehouse, the result of 10 years of research & development.

The Reach Truck can execute operations using 3D cameras to pick and drop pallets safely. Able to fit in narrow aisle width, it allows facility layout optimization and space savings. The new generation of autonomous reach trucks can interface with machines, conveyors, WMS and ERP software for a full integration within existing operations. This robot will bring unmatched cost savings and quality improvements. Watch how the reach truck works in this video.

The reach truck uses 3D perception, which drastically increases the accuracy of pick/drop using 20-30 times more data than 2D. The truck can handle pallet movements in an aisle of just 2.9m. It performs tasks efficiently with load movement maneuvers faster up to 55%, saving additional time.

With safety and detection features, including anti-drag and push monitoring with two telemeters measuring the distance between load and backrest during pick/drop, reducing the risk of accidents.

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About BALYO:

Pascal Rialland, CEO of BALYO and leader in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions for material handling trucks, shared that BALYO considerably strengthened commercial development prospects. The company is counting on an enhanced technological platform which reduces sales cycles and benefiting from the ramp-up of direct sales to complement existing indirect sales channels. The direct sales channel is now fully operational in the USA.

BALYO transforms standard forklift trucks into standalone intelligent robots thanks to its breakthrough proprietary Driven by Balyo™ technology. The geoguidance navigation system developed by BALYO allows vehicles equipped with the system to locate their position in real-time and navigate autonomously inside buildings/warehouses. Within the automated handling vehicle market, BALYO’s 2021 outlook includes the acceleration of profitable growth after the successful implementation of a more efficient and autonomous commercial strategy. BALYO will pursue efforts to accelerate sales in 2021, including the addition of John Hayes, a well-respected and experienced industry thought-leader, as Director of US Sales to grow North American business development. The anchoring of new operational drivers, commercial partnerships forged with integrators, and commercial autonomy through technological developments will uniquely position BALYO in 2021 and beyond.

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