Nuevas Camisetas De La Liga Para La Temporada 2021 – 2022

Nuevas Camisetas De La Liga Para La Temporada 2021 - 2022

“Recopilación de las camisetas de los clubes de LaLiga Santander, la Serie A, la Bundesliga, la Premier League y la Ligue 1. Encontrará camisetas baratas de fútbol de los clubs de La Liga, incluido camiseta real madrid, camiseta barcelona y camiseta atlético madrid, etc. en”
Camisetas de La Liga 2020-21. Repasamos las equipaciones que veremos en esta nueva temporada de la liga de las estrellas en España. En Marathon Sports Ecuador ofrecemos la camiseta de Liga. También ofrecemos camisetas de diversos equipos. No dudes en ingresar a nuestra web

We have lived a very busy summer with a lot of news both on the field and off it. It has been the summer of the America’s Cup, the European Championship or the Olympic Games that have filled the void of the summer with top-level football competitions. In addition, the summer season is always a period in which the news of transfers and transfers fill the front pages of the main sports newspapers. For their part, the teams have worked with sportswear brands to update their League Jerseys for the new season.

Spanish football fans have seen how historical our football has left after many years playing in Spain. Sergio Ramos left Real Madrid for Paris Saint-Germain after 16 years wearing the white team’s elastic. On his part, Leo Messi leaves Barcelona, ​​still without a clear destination, after 17 years wearing the shirt of the culé team.

However, as much as these historical players leave, soccer in Spain does not end with them. The teams have prepared to start the 2021 – 2022 season and fight for a title that will be more fought and open than ever. That is why they have updated all their League Jerseys to show off their new kits. In this post we will leave you the links so that you can get the League Shirts of your team and you can wear their colors.



The current LaLiga champion has been one of the teams that has innovated the most with respect to its jersey from the previous year. The Atlético de Madrid shirt for the 2021-2022 League will not leave anyone indifferent. It is made up of several thick red-and-white stripes, although the elastic gives the feeling that it has been made with paint, that is, that the stripes have been painted. This is appreciated by the different red details in the white stripes and vice versa.

The Nike logo appears in a white color and is located on one of the vertical red stripes. The Atlético de Madrid crest is located on the other strip, while in the center of the shirt, on the only horizontal strip, the advertising of the rojiblanco team appears.

In addition, this shirt is customizable to make it even more yours. You can add the name you want and your favorite number or simply put the name and number of your favorite Atlético de Madrid player.

One of the League Jerseys that has changed the most compared to last season. Wont leave anybody indiferent.



Madridistas, doesn’t this shirt sound like something to you? Haven’t you seen the combination of blue and orange on a Real Madrid jersey before? Indeed, the Real Madrid Shirt for the League 2021 – 2022 refers to and is based on the one worn by the white team during the La Décima season.

A shirt that is entirely white but incorporates blue details such as Emirates advertising, the three adidas lines on the shoulder or a covering on the neck. In addition, orange appears as the color of the adidas logo and another fine line that surrounds the entire neck.

In addition, this shirt is customizable to make it even more yours. You can add the name you want and your favorite number or simply put the name and number of your favorite Real Madrid player.



The Barcelona Football Club Shirt – Camisetas De Futbol Baratas for LaLiga 2021 – 2022 will not leave anyone indifferent as Nike has opted for a groundbreaking design by dividing the central part of it into three parts. The first is a large garnet cross with Blaugrana lines around it; the second are vertical lines of greater thickness than those of the previous part and this is where the FC Barcelona shield appears; and the third is a continuation of the second part but with stripes larger than the previous ones.

A shirt that has raised a lot of controversy since the design is groundbreaking and many people have not yet accustomed their eyes to such radical changes in clothing. In addition, this shirt is customizable to make it even more yours. You can add the name you want and your favorite number or simply put the name and number of your favorite Barcelona Football Club player.

It is one of the most innovative and risky League Jerseys. Mixed feelings but be careful, on television it looks pretty good.



The Seville club has presented the Sevilla Fútbol Club T-Shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022 in which we can see how Nike follows the manufacturing patterns that it has made in other soccer team shirts. Here he opts for a white first kit in its entirety with very thin red horizontal stripes that reveals the sobriety that does not combine with Sevilla.

What is most surprising is that in the center of it there is a blank space that is where the advertising should go and the name of the club appears. Advertising runs out of space in the center of the shirt and appears on one of the sleeves. The Sevilla Fútbol Club shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022 has left us a bit indifferent.

One of the most minimalist League Jerseys of all. Elegance and sobriety.



Kappa continues along the same lines as in the previous season for the Real Betis Balompié Shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022. Some green-and-white stripes in the central part of the shirt but which only occupy the central and lower part of it since the part top is completely filled by the characteristic green. The sleeves are presented in green but with touches in white. A classic and elegant design with which you will always hit the mark.

The Real Betis Balompié Shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022 does not have advertising on its front but on one of its sleeves, as well as its main rival, Sevilla Fútbol Club.


Puma bets on a classic design for the Valencia Club de Fútbol T-shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022. A shirt that we have seen on many occasions for the che team. A classic and sober model but that never fails. The classic home kit consisting of the center of the shirt in white and the sleeves in black. It incorporates a vertical line on the sides of it in black.



The same goes for the Athletic Club Shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022. A classic and elegant design. If something works, why change it? That is what New Balance thinks, although it must be said that there are variations with respect to the shirt of previous years, although very subtle.

It incorporates two different shades of red. The first in the upper part of the shirt, a much brighter red with which the current Athletic Club is identified, while the second red is more reminiscent of the past and classic kits of the Bilbao team. These two parts are clearly differentiated by a line that crosses the entire central part of the Athletic Club Shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022.


 The Getafe Club Camisetas de Fútbol T-shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022 remains blue in its entirety. The shirt, made by Joma, continues to wear that blue so characteristic of the southern Madrid team but this time, the Toledo brand has incorporated a print on the bottom of it to give it a different touch.



The Villarreal Club de Fútbol Shirt for LaLiga 2021 – 2022 uses a classic design that we are all used to. Joma dresses the yellow submarine and continues to do so with a model with which we would all identify the whole of Castellón. The shirt is completely filled with the characteristic yellow but incorporates several black lines on the neck and sleeves to give it that new touch.

Don’t wait any longer and get hold of the different Camisetas LaLiga team jerseys for the 2021 – 2022 season. Wear the colors of your soul club and feel like you’re not missing anything. What are you waiting for? Buy LINK:

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