Goldman Lampe Buys Monero Cryptocurrency for Increased Client Privacy

UAE – Aug. 31, 2021 – The Goldman Lampe bank announced that it had purchased 150 million EUR worth of Monero cryptocurrency to guarantee the privacy of transactions to its clients. The decision was made under the advice of an expert team specializing in cryptocurrency. Goldman Lampe bank offers cryptocurrency wallets integrated within their Internet banking, enabling the exchange between crypto and fiat exceedingly easy.

The decision is highly strategic for the private bank. It demonstrates why it’s earned a reputation as one of the most significant and influential financial institutions in the offshore private banking sector. Goldman Lampe specializes in the private offshore banking market and guarantees complete secrecy for every client. The bank offers discrete and tailored solutions for the needs of each individual and business. 

Goldman Lampe provides an elite range of banking services within the European market that extends far beyond what’s available at ordinary financial institutions. Those services ensure an elevated level of effective money management, maximum security, and complete discretion guaranteed. The bank accommodates personal and business accounts with unlimited deposits and withdrawals and anytime access for banking without borders.

It doesn’t matter whether clients want to grow their wealth slowly, have an appetite for high-risk investments or both. The wealth managers at Goldman Lampe consider every aspect of a client’s needs, objectives, lifestyle and legal circumstances to provide the focused advice that clients have come to expect. The bank combines its modern strategies with a limited number of options from the broader market to arrive at solutions that are unique to Goldman Lampe.

The purchase of Monero cryptocurrency ensures privacy and added anonymity for Goldman Lampe clients. The use of cryptocurrency is an increasingly important asset for a discerning clientele. It’s one of the most highly recommended options for individuals that demand privacy, security, asset protection, and tax advantages. Goldman Lampe has extensive international experience and creates customer relationships that are built on trust.

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