How to Support International Artists on Music Charts with a Free VPN App

Fans have been obsessing about music charts. For them, these charts are a major deciding factor that make someone ‘popular’ or ‘relevant’ in the music industry. Right before the digitalization age, artists tend to make hits organically – meaning, through radio requests and absolutely free playlistings.

But now, the time has changed. Ever since social media and more advanced internet connection took over, fans all over the globe can have a say on whose artists and what songs should be part of the hits and greats.

Take Hollywood as an example. This entertainment symbol is located in the United States, it is the major source of entertainment all over the world. But even though it’s that huge, before social media, international fans only had a few methods to show their idols support.

Though now, gone were the days where Hollywood artists were just considered as local musicians. With their international fanbases, these artists are now larger than life. International fans now have ways to show their support to their favorite artists’ songs or albums.

To know how, read on.

Connect to a VPN

By connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), international fans can make it seem like they are voting or streaming their favorite artists’ albums or songs. This is possible as what the VPN does is create a secure connection between the device and the internet.

With this, all of the user’s data will be routed through the VPN tool’s encrypted virtual tunnel. This process results in total user anonymity.

International fans can choose server locations on the VPN app. To convert their streams into votes, international fans select US or Canada as their VPN servers.

Although VPN is very helpful, users must be wary on what VPN to download and connect to as VPNs are not created equally. For instance, there are paid VPN apps that provide premium VPN services. So, if one is willing to shell out some cash for a VPN, this is the safest way to go.

However, if someone does not want to spend money for a VPN app, there are also free VPN apps available in virtual markets. Just a recommendation, users must research first about free VPN apps as a number of these have been flagged as sketchy and ineffective.

Fortunately, there is a trusted, reliable, and safe free VPN app for everyone.

Introducing: GoingVPN, the best free VPN app

GoingVPN is a free VPN app that also gives out premium and high-quality VPN services. With its tight encryption process, users can assure that nobody can trace and record their online data and activities. With this free VPN app, international fans who want to support their favorite artists can stream their music by connecting to a US or Canada server.

Also, this free VPN app has a built-in lightning-speed technology that counters VPN encryption’s possible negative effects to the user’s device. Most of the time, a device performs slower and poorer with a VPN. All thanks to this feature, users won’t be bothered with lags and buffers, especially while streaming their favorite artists’ songs.

Not to mention, GoingVPN offers unlimited data bandwidth. This is a perfect feature for online users who surf the web for a long hours per day. With this feature, users will surely be protected at any given time. A pro tip: one may leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ and just let the free VPN app do the work.

So, it is safe to say that GoingVPN will really help international fans show their support to their favorite artists.

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

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