Revenue Capital Launches Revenue Coins to Fund the Internet’s Fastest-Growing Startups

Investors can buy investment tokens called Revenue Coins, $RVC, which fund promising tech ventures.

When Jarek Białek and Piotr Piasecki joined forces to build Revenue Capital, their goal was to provide an accessible, democratized, and beginner-inclusive approach to venture capital and funding for the world’s fast-growing startups and creators.

In the months since the pandemic began, more high-tech startups have shot into a unique stratosphere of success, generating revenues with unlimited growth potential and minimal overheads.

On the flip side, the pandemic created an increasing group of anxious and ambitious middle-class adults watching the speed of technology accelerate and new wealth opportunities created. These individuals are aware of the changes in the global economic landscape. However, they have little guidance on what businesses to build or startups to invest in to create wealth.

Revenue Capital was launched to allow founders disrupting markets with young, revenue-generating products to scale and expand while giving new and seasoned investors opportunities to participate in the changing economy.

“The unprecedented growth of the blockchain and crypto industry creates new opportunities in terms of new investment models. They allow us to fund promising tech ventures without taking equity but still offering high returns to investors. $RVC is tradeable and liquid, allowing speculation on future value, making it a very interesting financial instrument.” Piotr Piasecki, Co-founder at Revenue Capital, said.

Revenue Capital runs a model where investors buy investment tokens called Revenue Coins, or $RVC. This gives them access to benefit from the revenues generated by RevCap’s portfolio of high-tech startups, building passive income and long-term gains as the companies earn more and increase profitability.

“It’s one thing to be aware of how fast the world is changing; it’s another to jump in and be a part of the change. Not everyone must become an entrepreneur, but anyone can cash in on the exponential growth of new startups by investing in RevCoins,” says Kelechi Udoagwu, Chief Marketing Officer at Revenue Capital.

The startup ecosystem must keep innovating in the way companies and creators find capital, regardless of their size, so that opportunities become truly universal and founders anywhere in the world can grow beyond geographical and financial limitations.

A unique twist to the Revenue Capital approach is a dedication to providing funds, support, and a community to portfolio companies without taking up shares or equity from these businesses.

This allows founders maintain control of their companies while raising funds for expansion, significantly increasing post-money valuation.

The tokenization model of RevCoins combines the nature of traditional stock markets and new financial services created by blockchain. This creates an opportunity to connect investors to high-tech startup projects that some time ago were restricted exclusively to banks, investment funds, and business sharks.

“Mainstream financial institutions have underserved micro-investors and growing startups for far too long. Investments and wealth-building should not be exclusive perks for the rich. Especially now, when with the right support and technology advantage, every founder and startup can reach unlimited potential.” Jarek Białek, Co-founder at Revenue Capital, added.

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