Karam Korya, one of the youngest and most professional dentists to be of his age

Karam Korya, one of the youngest and most professional dentists to be of his age

“Karam Korya, one of the youngest and most professional dentists to be of his age”
Karam Korya, this name probably won’t be a surprise to anyone even if slightly familiar with the world of dentistry. Despite his young age, Karam Korya was able to make a hit in such a deep and demanding world.

“Never too young to build your kingdom, it only needs ones ambitious, insistence and hard-working” Korya’s saying simply hints out the secret behind his success in his life. Success is never measured by money or fame but by the number of goals one accomplishes.

Karam Korya is one of the youngest and most successful dentists who was born on December 18, 1996, in Iraq, Baghdad. He spent 10 years of his childhood and adulthood in Jordan, Amman before moving to San Diego where he sat up his goals in life. He studied very hard and graduated from UC San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Not only did Karam earn bachelor degree in both domains, but also he earned certificates in International relations. He then got the chance to explore the dental world in different settings (private practice, hospital…).

Besides being a former event coordinator for Operation Smile in Jordan (a non-profit volunteer medical services organization that provides reconstructive facial surgery to indigent children and young adults) has truly played a very intrinsic role in helping him realize how powerful, significant, and life changing oral health is. Since then, Karam decided to dive in the world of dentistry, he registered in University Herman Ostrow school of dentistry of USC where he is planning to finish up his doctorate. And never to miss up, being part of the American student dental association is another accomplish to be added to his list of achievements. Moreover, he worked for 7 years as an account executive and fragrance specialist for different perfume companies including Tom Ford and The House of Sillage.

Karam has gained over 18K Followers, from all over the world, who were highly interested and influenced by his Instagram content. He uses to keep his Instagram feed full of her eye-catching and beneficial short videos and posts related to oral health and dentistry.

Karam Korya is a must to follow dentist and oral health expert. By only scrolling through his Instagram page, you will be fascinated by the content he shares with his audience and followers out there. To follow up with his most important and beneficial tips in dentistry, don’t hesitate to visit his Instagram page https://instagram.com/karam.dds.

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