Basic Information and features of HDMI HDBaseT Extender

Bi-directional IR pass back

1) It supports bi-directional IR pass back. User can control DVD at TX end and control TV at RX end.

2) If control at RX end, please connect IR blaster extension cable with IR OUT of TX and connect IR receiver extension cable with IR IN of RX. If control at TX end, please connect IR receiver extension cable with IR IN of TX and connect IR blaster extension cable with IR OUT of RX.

1. Introduction

This HDBaseT single network cable extender transmits HDMI signal up to 100 meters over Cat6 fluenty and clearly. It is lossless in signal and supports 3D, 24bits deep color, CEC and HDCP Supports UHD 4Kx2K@60Hz

2. Features

1. Apply HDBaseT extend technology

2. Uncompressed HDMI video signal

3. Support ultraHD 4kx2k@60Hz

4. Extend 1080p signal over cat6 up to 100 meters

5. Support bi-directional IR pass back

6. Support HDCP, CEC 24 deep color. 3D

7. Support uncompressed LPCM audio and compressed DTS-HD, Dolby True HD

‚óŹ Important safety notice

Please read below safety instructions carefully before insallation and operation: Please pay attention to all the warnings and hints on this device.

* Do not expose this unit to rain, moisture and liquid. Do not put any stuff into the device. Do not repair or open this device without professional people’s guidance.

* Make sure good ventilation openings to avoid product overheating damnage.

* Shut off power and make sure environment is safe before intallation.

* Do not plug in/out the connected cables when it is in using, Make sure the specification matched if using 3rd party DC adapters.

3. FAQ

Q: No image output?

A: Check the led indicator status to make sure all connections are good and stable.

Q: Signalled” 3”is flashing but no image output?

A: Check if the HDMI display device has been switched to the right

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