Rental Property Company that is committed to net-zero emissions

Ann Arbor Apartments playing its part in reducing environmental impact

At a time when countries are committing themselves to the reduction of carbon footprints, Ann Arbor Apartments does not want to be left behind. They are firmly behind the government’s effort to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. The real estate company in Ann Arbor Michigan offers services that strive to eliminate wastage of resources. While acknowledging their efforts to reduce wastage and carbon footprint, the company representative said they are “thinking green” in their operations. “We are conscious of our environment and we want to keep it clean for our residents as well as neighbors. In all our activities we have put measures that eliminate wastage of resources as well as keeping our environment free of pollution,” said the rental property company representative while outlining how they are approaching the net-zero emissions.

Net Zero emission is a target that has been set by the Paris Agreement where countries are supposed to reduce the emission of carbon and subsequently reduce global warming. Through the reduction of the carbon emitted into the atmosphere, they will be helping to reduce the increase of temperature and subsequent climate changes which are brought about by global warming. US climate Agenda has put the targets of achieving net-zero emission by 2050.

By net-zero emissions, entities will be required to ensure they reduce carbon emission to a point where there is a balance between the amount emitted and used up carbon. This means that an entity that is producing a certain amount of carbon must put in measures that absorb a similar amount. Ann Arbor Apartments representative says they are committed to playing their part in the achievement of net-zero emissions. “We are very particular about where we buy; we have made it our policy to only purchase from businesses which are low carbon emitters. Most of the energy we use in our residential properties comes from renewable energy with the portion that comes from fossil fuels being reduced gradually.

The company also encourages its tenants to conserve energy and other resources. “We always remind our tenants on the need to conserve resources, whether it is water; we encourage them to turn the taps off when they are not in use and also switch off the lights when they are away,” with these measures we are playing our part in the reduction of wastage and subsequent reduction of carbon footprint.

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Ann Arbor Apartments (AAA) is a rental property company located in Ann Arbor Michigan. The highly-rated real estate company is family-owned and operated but managed by a team of caring professionals. Its staff is made of highly dedicated, trained, and experienced individuals who offer professional property management and administration services that are socially and environmentally sensitive. Currently, they are operating in seventeen premier communities located around the University of Michigan Campus. They have proudly served the U of M campus area, downtown Kerrytown, and the beautiful Westside for more than a quarter-century with their goal is to make their residents feel like part of the extended family.

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