What’s the Application of 3D printers in the Field of Architecture?

MINGDA MD-600 Pro large industrial 3D printer for printing architecture model.

3D printing technology has penetrated into all walks of life, such as auto parts, industrial molds, medical care, and architecture.

The architectural model shown in the picture above is shared by an architect from Iraq. The model was printed by MINGDA’s large industrial 3D printer. It took a month and used nearly 20kg of PLA filament. The whole project process: according to the project design renderings, three-dimensional modeling, 3D printing, post-processing, sample assembly, and coloring. The buildings with unique Iraqi characteristics are perfectly presented through 3D printing technology. Based on 3D printing architectural models, many users also use 3D printers to print sand table models, film and television prop models, etc.

The printing of large-size models like this has higher requirements for the overall performance of the 3D printer. Therefore, whether the machine can run stably for a long time is the main concern of many users. On this issue, Shenzhen Mingda Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known 3D printer manufacturer that is world-renowned for its high-quality 3D printers. Founded in 2009, it has been developing and designing large industrial 3D printers since 2009. Its self-developed direct extruder system can achieve long-term efficient and stable operation. The MD-600 Pro of the MD series newly launched this year is even more powerful. The build size is as large as 600*600*600mm, and it is also equipped with the newest upgraded direct extrusion system, automatic leveling function, and a pull-out hotbed design.

The person in charge of the R&D department of MINGDA said that it was precise because of receiving feedback from many users and understanding the needs of users that this MD-600 Pro was developed. In addition to MD-600 Pro, MINGDA also has a larger size printer 1000x1000x1000mm MD-1000 Pro. MINGDA always thinks about problems from the perspective of users, which is why many large multinational companies and groups choose MINGDA 3D printers.

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