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There is a paradox that has been going on for many years in Vietnam: the number of graduates with jobs is very low – even students from prestigious universities. On the other hand, domestic and foreign corporations and companies always complain about the lack of human resources.

1. Student’s employment situation

The Vietnam Labour Market Update Newsletter (published by Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs in collaboration with the General Statistics Office of Vietnam) said that: In the third quarter of 2017, the number of unemployed people with university or higher degrees was 237,000 people, an increase of 53,900 people compared to the second quarter of 2017. That is the data before the year of Covid.  The Corona pandemic has pushed a series of businesses, companies to go bankrupt or wait for dissolution. The narrow door to get a job is getting tougher and tougher. Reality has proven: A university degree is just a “ticket” for you to have the opportunity to fall into the “target” of increasingly demanding employers, but to “be selected” is another matter.

2. IRDM Institute’s Mission

Every individual is unique and has their own special ability. So the mission of the Institute for Research & Development of Vietnam’s Manpower (IRDM) is “Supporting Vietnamese human resources in Industrial 4.0 revolution”; eliciting, fostering and orienting on the basis what people already have; developing their skills to become professional to meet all employer’s demands in the 4.0 era.


To carry out this mission, IRDM brings together thoughtful and visionary educational experts, who have the same desire to share values, to guide young people to succeed and live to the fullest. It should be known that IRDM is a non-profit science and technology organization, whose governing body is the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations. They are responsible for researching and implementing science & technology services in the field of education, health and environment.

3. Why choose them

With a big gap between the status quo and the needs, it is extremely important to equip Vietnamese labourers with professional knowledge, skills and working attitude before entering the labor market.

Faced with that need, IRDM‘s courses are created to bring necessary skills, social background knowledge and solid psychophysical to guide young people’s attitudes and working behavior. This is reflected in the practical teaching content, which has accredited quality.

The young joining IRDM’s courses are also oriented and trained in the core values ​​necessary for self-development. These values aren’t only in accordance with the culture of modern Vietnamese people but also help students integrate with the development of the world.

Beside pedagogical skills, IRDM’s lecturers are also recruiters and managers of large corporations. They are willing to share practical experiences, Vietnamese and global manpower market requirements. Learning by practicing and solving specific situations are the main learning activities in IRDM’s courses.

The Executive Board and all staff of the Institute for Research & Development of Vietnam’s Manpower share the same viewpoint and consensus with a strong belief and great passion. IRDM believes that human nature is holy, human creative potential is limitless, thoughts will determine human actions and fates, good deeds will have a pervasive effect, influence and change the community in a positive direction. Besides, they have the same passion and desire to build prosperous & happy lives and to bring positive values ​​to society.

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