Riskkarma.io selected as a finalist at SHRM Better Workplaces Challenge Cup

RiskKarma has developed a patent-pending AI-driven platform that empowers HR and Risk professionals to attain actionable metrics that would help to reduce financial costs, improve culture and retention, attract talent, automate compliance, improve DEI, and manage hybrid workforces.

Scottsdale, AZ – September 13, 2021 – Leading Risk Quotient Management Solution provider RiskKarma is pleased to announce that it has been recently selected as a top finalist at the esteemed SHRM Better Workplaces Challenge Cup. A member of the elite SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Workplace Tech Community, the company has also been listed as one of the top Machine learning platforms in Arizona. The state-of-the-art AI-driven Risk Quotient Management Solution developed by RiskKarma has even been acknowledged as a “cutting-edge future of work solution” by the prestigious  Cambridge Innovation Summit. 

RiskKarma has developed a next-gen patent-pending AI-powered platform that aims to create an alliance between employers and workers to ensure a transparent, safe, unbiased, and inclusive atmosphere inside the organization. The software utilizes an advanced risk scoring method which enables it to permit employers to receive insights on emerging patterns of culturally negative behaviors and noncompliance by department, region, and individual worker. The findings further help to prevent, manage and mitigate incidents and claims.  

In addition, the RiskKarma software provides workers with insights into their compliance with HR policies, while showcasing their talents for upskilling and promotions. Based on the data, if needed, the organization can support workers with gamified compliance training and course correction guidance to improve their score.  

In an exclusive interview, Jo Lynn Clemens, the CEO of RiskKarma, stressed that although the state of the workforce has changed today, the tools to manage, measure, and track modern hybrid worker risk have not evolved much. The “new normal” scenario has posed  increased risk through the latest gig economy and return-to-work compliance issues. A  look at the numbers would reveal that employers have lost 72% of negligent hiring cases – the average employer liability lawsuit is 1.6 million USD. Increasing financial and reputation costs demand new tools to adapt to the “new normal” work culture today.  

“HR and risk executives are in dire need of a tool or platform that will help them to avoid worker liability risk caused by worker fraud, crime, or claims- and also manage the modern trend of hybrid and remote workforce.  RiskKarma reduces the unwanted costs and legal liabilities by tracking risk in real-time on each employee in a workplace”, stated the spokesperson.

“Our advanced AI-driven solution helps companies to prevent and mitigate financial, premium and reputation costs using research-based data management tools that help to automate compliance throughout the tenure of hire. Our tools empower organizations to make data-driven decisions that can identify emerging loss patterns and keep a tab on diversity and inclusion initiatives.” 

The RiskKarma software further extends departmental audits of practices and policies which allow companies to audit their compliance practices in the same platform they use to monitor and assess worker risk. These audits can easily be shared within companies as well as with those outside the organization.  

The RiskKarma software includes a wide array of tools to reduce worker risks and ensure improved workplace culture.  The tools include – 

  • Post-employment real-time worker risk warning
  • Risk mitigation tools to assist companies in developing compliance with policies and practices required to reduce crime, fraud, and unwanted claims
  • Diversity and inclusion tools to ensure companies remain on track with their diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Portable permission-based worker profile that an employee can take with him/her to land up with his/her next dream job

Benefits of RiskKarma solution –

  • Easy management of hybrid workforce
  • Convenient visibility into emerging compliance issues
  • Skill validation of employees and talent upskilling, if needed
  • Improvement in workplace culture
  • Reduction in financial costs
  • Significant actionable metrics
  • DEI management 

The RiskKarma software can be easily integrated with a company’s existing HR or employee management system. 

For more information, please visit https://riskkarma.io

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