Love and Peace Return to Beauty – KLOVA earnestly invited to Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue for the 2022 Spring/Summer top fashion show

Together with Paris, Milan, London, New York Fashion Week is known as the ‘Big Four’ fashion week. It is held twice a year, the year’s fall and winter fashion week in February and the following year’s spring and summer fashion week in September. The official organizing committee sent a cordial invitation to Ms. Yan Huiqi, Brand CEO of China Uno (Tianjin) Garment Co., to participate in the 2022 Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue Top Spring/Summer New Arrivals show.


Throughout the clothing market in China aimed at women, the design and conceptual products with oriental beauty as the main elements are available from all major brands. However, a market for authentic Chinese-style products is still slightly lacking. However, in this 2022 Spring/Summer season, KLOVA presents a ‘Magnolia’ themed visual feast of nature, lightness, refinement, and understated luxury, with exquisite and luxurious details and sophisticated silhouettes, combined with modern freshness and bright colors, which are in tune with the conventional unisex style, evoking more sensory enjoyment. This is not only Uno’s brand but also represents the extraordinary beauty of the East.


KLOVA is destined to be out of the ordinary. KLOVA never cares if it is in the spotlight because it is fashion itself. For this Spring/Summer fashion show, craftsmanship and flair are evident throughout. Whether tied around the waist, adorned on the side of the neck, or applied directly to the whole body, there is a strong visual impact of Chinese-style femininity, dresses internationalized and globalized, but at the same time a historical choice and precipitation.


Uno’s CEO, Ms. Yan Huiqi’s successful debut at the American Fashion Week is attributed to the traditional Chinese culture of “timing, location, and people.” Oriental beauty and the rise of more independent and mature women build up the soft environment for the development of the brand, providing a rare fertile ground. The designers have blended deep, thought-provoking concepts with geometric lines to deliver beautiful silhouettes. Uno’s unique designing style is artfully matched with healthier and better-quality raw materials choices in garment making. This debut goes beyond brand presentation as Uno takes Chinese fashion to an exciting new level of global fashion cultural collaboration. 

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