Smile Roofing partners with Miracles for Kids to help people in need come winter

Smile Roofing is a full service roofing company that assures industry-leading and cutting-edge roofing services, guided by the ethos of giving back to the community.

Los Angeles, California – September 13, 2021 – With winter coming around, a roof inspection is the need of the hour to ensure the roof is in perfect condition to prevent leaks and damages brought by the season. But, unfortunately, there are many underprivileged families that cannot afford a roof inspection and repair to protect their home from winter damages. However, here comes a great news – leading LA county-based roofing company Smile Roofing has partnered with Miracle for Kids to help a person or family in need with premium roofing service before winter.

Miracle for Kids is a renowned non-profit organization dedicated to providing subsidized housing, financial aid as well as counseling for families fighting for their child’s life.  

“We are pleased to announce that this year we have teamed up with Miracle for Kids to provide support for a family or individual in need. Winter can be harsh; it’s essential to run a roof inspection service in fall to check your roof is strong enough to prevent leaks and damages to your home in the cold season. If the roof shows signs of need for repair or replacement, you must get it done before winter. But, sadly, there are families and individuals who are probably unable to afford a roofing service to keep the roof in shape before winter. In partnership with Miracle for Kids, we have pledged to help a family or person in need this time with the required support for a safe roof and safe home”, stated the leading spokesperson from Smile Roofing.

Smile Roofing has always made it a point to give back to the community since its inception. The company donates 1% of every project completed to people in need. 

A name of big repute across the Los Angeles roofing scene, Smile Roofing is a full-service roofing company. Backed by decades of experience, the company has developed the longest track record for delivering successful results. The company assures 100% satisfaction guarantee for every project undertaken, irrespective of the size of the project. 

Smile Roofing specializes in all major kinds of roofing services. From roofing inspection to roof installation to roof repair to roof maintenance, the company caters to all kinds of roofing requirements. Smile Roofing is also flexible to work on almost all kinds of roofs, including tile roofs, metal roofs, and so on. 

One of the major USPs of Smile Roofing is its state-of-the-art full satellite report service which banks on an advanced software to generate high-quality satellite measurement reports with cutting-edge HD imagery. It eliminates the need for physical on-site visit; clients just need to provide their address and the software does the rest. Upon receiving the address, Smile Roofing engineers use satellite imagery to get a comprehensive measurement of the roof and then present the client with a full report and accurate quote within 24 hours.

“Count on us as your one-stop roofing service contractor in Los Angeles. Backed by experienced roofing engineers, we assure you industry-leading roofing services and that too at affordable rates. We work with state-of-the-art technologies and tools to support our clients with the most advanced service, in the fastest time possible.”  

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