Our World – A Friendly Minecraft SMP Server

Our World - A Friendly Minecraft SMP Server

Our World is a friendly survival multiplayer (SMP) server. You can join the game by connecting with mc.our-world.net!

Released to the public on August the 18th, 2021, Our World’s main and proudest feature is its friendly community.

Why was Our World started in the first place?

Our World was originally started in early January this year by the owner, Nurokami, and some of his friends. Before it started, the owner and his friends were playing on another Minecraft server. But there was trouble on that server. Some of the players had a dispute and the staff team there handled it poorly.

Noticing this, Nuro decided that he would start his own server, one that will provide a similar gameplay experience but that will handle things in a better way.

To achieve this, Our World developed an ethos and they would stick to it no matter what. Part of this ethos states the purpose and vision of Our World: “To provide a community that is about having friendly fun, where people can enjoy being a part of a friendly community free of toxic behavior. We envision a Minecraft server network that provides the best possible experience by ensuring, in every respect, a high level of quality, innovation, and service.”

What are some of the ways Our World achieves this?

They have a great staff team who responds to every player’s questions and requests in a fair and friendly way. Disputes are handled with maturity and toxic behavior is not tolerated. A list of rules that are designed to support the Our World ethos are listed on their Discord server, and every staff member is sworn to uphold the rules and support the ethos.

They also design the game mechanics to be as friendly as possible. For example, players do not have to engage in player-vs-player (PvP) combat if they don’t want to, since every player has the ability to enable or disable PvP for themselves. Creepers and Phantoms are also disabled, as everyone knows they are the most troublesome monsters!

The owner of the server is almost always available to answer questions. He listens to what everyone has to say and carefully considers every community member’s requests. Everyone is welcome to provide feedback and the staff love hearing from the community. Polls are sometimes held so that the community can help shape the future of Our World.

So, what can players do in Our World?

The premise of Our World is simple, as an SMP, they offer an open world where players are free to do as they wish. The world used is custom made just for Our World, it is hand-crafted island 4x4km in size, featuring beautiful mountains and forests, cliffs and headlands, bays and beaches, and a large desert.

Our World offers several features to enhance the player experience. Here are a few of these features: They use a very well-known plugin called Towny, which lets people claim and protect their land, form teams, called ‘Towns’, and invite people to their towns; the world at night is populated by monsters (don’t worry, they’re not scary!), the difficulty of the monsters is tailored to the experience level of the individual players, so players shouldn’t face monsters that are too difficult or too easy for them; players have the ability to lock their doors and chests to keep their property private and safe; and thanks to the very popular mcMMO plugin, players also have a number of skills which increase in level as they use them.

The possibilities in Our World’s open world are many: players can grow an empire, roleplay, trade, fight other players, train their skills, and more.

What does Our World have planned for the future?

More features are added every day and they have plans to keep adding more features and games to the server.

As well as additional features, they are also regularly tweaked based on player feedback to ensure the best and most balanced experience possible.

There are long-term plans to add a second world, known for now as the “Quest world” which will feature a rich and beautiful map, with a wide variety of landscapes, NPC towns and villages, ancient ruins, and level-based zones, quests, a specialized skill system, a storyline and lore, dungeons, and boss fights!

There are also near-term plans to add additional game types, such as parkour and dropper courses, mob arenas, skyblock, and more.

Additional Information:

Permanent Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/W7hWu7wc7s

Donation Site: store.our-world.net

Minecraft IP: mc.our-world.net

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