DS Car Rental Brings Self-Learning, Dual Control Rental Cars for DMV Practice

Learning to drive in California just got more flexible and open with the launch of DS Car Rental’s self-practice, dual control cars, where even a licensed family member or friend can be an instructor! This innovative company has raised the bar when it comes to the ease of learning to drive before the DMV behind-the-wheels exam. The bonus – no mile limitations or extra charges.

The dual control car rental service for student drivers offers cars that have a break and/or gas plus brake pedals in the passenger seat. The instructor can be anyone holding a state valid driver license. This means even a friend or family member could help the learner with some good tips and instructions to confidently attend the DMV exam. (The students should have cleared the written exam).

“Need to practice your driving skills before DMV behind-the-wheel drive test? WE CAN HELP!” Our company provides car rental service for student drivers with fully equipped assist pedals which will let you learn driving or teach anyone you want. Anyone else who wants to improve, or driving schools needing cars can approach us as well,” said Isaac A of DS Car Rental.

DS Car Rental is based in San Francisco Bay Area, North California. The company prides itself on being innovative and bringing the best of driving learning experience for today’s car driving learners. The students here also get to choose how many days they need the rental car, and get a range of car models to select.

This innovative car driving service is ideal for students to attend the local DMV driving exam after practicing their skills. It is also meant for instructors who want to rent a car to offer private driving lessons, and for teaching children with 100% control and assistance. The service can be availed by driving schools who are short on cars. Others who can use the service are those who want to feel safe with breaks on the passenger side, drivers who need assistance while driving, and caregivers who have clients who can drive but with assistance.

The DS driving school is easy to visit in the Bay area. Reservations for the car rental service are open with a range of cars, from subcompact to SUVs.

For more information, please visit: www.dscarrental.com

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Facebook: www.fb.me/DSCR.USA

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