Introducing Louis Dee Vlogs, an urban exploring YouTube channel and home of lost, creepy, abandoned locations

Urban Explorer, Louis Dee Vlogs, who travels the world searching for lost history and filming abandoned and forgotten places with incredible back story’s has created a YouTube channel, Louis Dee Vlogs, where he uploads his thrilling explorations for the world to view.

The world is replete with creepy abandoned buildings, wrecked ships, sunken cities, and old military installations, some of which hold the titles as the scariest places in the world. Braving these locations is not for the fainthearted or lily-livered, hence Louis Dee Vlogs, armed with his daredevil courage and passion, travels the world, finding the best abandoned, and most haunted places and subsequently documenting them.

Louis took up this venture as a way out of depression. ”At my lowest point in life I had a friend who was exploring all these abandoned places and I would go along for something to do, as I later realised when I was doing that I wasn’t so depressed. I quickly became addicted to the history behind the places and taking moments to wonder why did they leave? (People) leaving everything behind”, he recalled.

Louis subsequently bought a camera and started up the YouTube channel, Louis Dee Vlogs, which has been going for about 3 years now. He publishes a new video every Sunday and to date, he has roughly 200 thrilling videos. Louis Dee Vlogs sates the appetites of anyone interested in the unknown–people who love history, relish adventures, are enthralled by ghosts, captivated by creepy and weird places and the adventure of finding something that hasn’t been seen in decades until now.

In his 3 years of touring and exploring, Louis has explored a few unique places including John Lennons’ abandoned mother’s home, untouched houses dating back to the 1920s, Hospitals, and other terrifying destinations. However, his most unique location to date is an Asylum that closed down in 1980. ”When I went it was as if time had stood still, the place was frozen in time, the beds, medicine and everything was left. Nothing had been touched since the day it had closed! Now that was unique”, he remarked.

While still keeping an eye on the haunted and abandoned, Louis Dee Vlogs is planing to finish doing the Tracing Series, where he traces notorious serial killers footsteps to visit the places they had been leading up to the murders and where it took place. ”I just want people to feel that they are there with me as I’m exploring these places! There are pieces of history that nobody has found until now. It’s like a museum but not behind glass”, he declared.

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