Creative Biolabs Releases Natural Autoantibody Profiling Services to Power Up NAA Research

With accumulated experience in antibody analysis, design and development, Creative Biolabs now offers natural autoantibody profiling services, covering autoantigen microarray and autoantibody microarray, for worldwide customers.

New York, USA – September 14, 2021 – As research on COVID-19 unveiling more about the mechanism of SARS-CoV-2, scientists are increasingly highlighting the role of autoantibodies in attacking elements of the body’s immune defense and specific proteins in organs such as the heart. In fact, autoantibodies are associated with various autoimmune diseases and dis-regulation of the immune system, and have gotten extensive attention in immunology research.

To help accelerate natural autoantibody (NAA) research, Creative Biolabs has updated NAA profiling services, covering autoantigen microarray and autoantibody microarray, serving purposes such as examination of epitope spreading and antibody isotype usage, discovery, and characterization of candidate autoantigens, and developing antigen-specific therapy.

Autoantigen Microarray

Autoantigen microarray technology is a high throughput approach in autoantibody profiling, a powerful tool for the identification of biomarkers and for the prediction and diagnosis of diseases. With the established platform for NAA services, Creative Biolabs provides autoantigen microarray being of high load and high accuracy in a timely and cost-effective way.

For high-throughput autoantibody screening, each array bears hundreds of proteins, and multiple antigens can be arrayed on microarray slide with the minute volume of sera needed. This standardization and automation technology can power up research on both autoantibody profiling and mapping of epitopes.

Autoantibody Microarray

The autoantibody microarray at Creative Biolabs can detect a range of self-antigens, such as phospholipid proteins, cell nuclear components, glomeruli, cell matrix proteins, cytoplasmic proteins, mucosal or secreted proteins, and other tissue-specific proteins. And it can perform well in the screening of autoantigen specificities associated with different manifestations of diseases.

Currently, several kinds of autoantibody microarrays are developed to detect the IgG, IgM, IgA, and IgE autoantibodies from serum or other body fluids.

“For example, IgA and IgE are important autoantibody subtypes for many autoimmune, infection and allergic diseases,” as introduced by a senior scientist at Creative Biolabs, “and our autoantigen microarray platform can help simultaneously detect autoreactive IgA and IgE autoantibodies against up to over 100 antigens on each array. We promise high sensitivity, high specificity, high accuracy, and high throughput, as well as multiplicity of the whole workflow to all our customers.”

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About Creative Biolabs

With an unrelenting drive in bio-science research and industry, Creative Biolabs has successfully developed a new range of natural autoantibody (NAA) platforms to provide fast and convenient NAA services, covering NAA detection, NAA profiling, NAA affinity measurement, and NAA epitope/paratope mapping. A portfolio of premade or custom NAA products is also available.

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