The winner of the 7th “OHTC Cup” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been decided

Drones, electric cars, light conduction lighting … On the morning of 6th September, an innovation and entrepreneurship competition focusing on the hottest areas of cutting-edge technology was held in the Chengdu High-tech Zone. On the same day, the final of the 7th “OHTC cup” innovation and enterpreneurship competition for global overseas Chinese, sponsored by the United Front Work Department (Provincial Overseas Chinese Affairs Office) and the Organization Department (Provincial Talent Office) of the Provincial Party Committee, was held in Chengdu. This year’s “OHTC Cup” attracted 725 overseas Chinese entrepreneurial projects, from 37 countries around the world, in five major fields including advanced manufacturing, biological medicine, electronic information, cultural and creative modern services, new materials and energy conservation and environmental protection.

Since the launch of the competition this year, the projects have been presented in the form of roadshows and debates on the technology and products, business models and implementation plans, the industries and their markets, team situations, etc., and were scored by the judges on site. After intense competition, a total of nine projects emerged and made it to the final.

What is the technological innovation involved in this project? What is the future business plan? How does this project earn money? … The judges have asked many “critical” questions during the project roadshows and in the final, and their professional advice has provided new directions for the contestants.

In the end, the winner is a project from Singapore, “Remote Blood Testing Solution Based on Dried Plasma Spot Technology”. He Tao, a participant in the project, remarked that the “OHTC Cup” had brought together innovative and entrepreneurial talents from all over the world, resulting in unexpected sparking of ideas and making people understand the importance that Sichuan attaches to science and technology innovation. “Before the competition, Chengdu carried out a lot of work in business matching and publicity for the competition, which was very much appreciated.” He Tao added directly that “Chengdu is the city where we most wanted to carry out our project.”

The list of winners is as follows:

First Prize

Remote Blood Testing Solution Based on Dried Plasma Spot Technology by He Tao

Second Prize

Energy Storage Solution for New Generation Electric Vehicles by Wu Min

Biomass Thermal Energy Chiller by Zhang Yu

Third Prize

5G Drone by Jin Jie

Light Conduction Safety Lighting System by Li Weimin

Bookairfreight by Jiang Tian

The above six winners will receive bumper bonuses from the organizing committee and preferential policy support.

Since 2015, Sichuan Province has gathered together a large number of talents, technologies, capital and other innovative and entrepreneurial elements through the high-level platform of the “OHTC Cup” competition and has promoted successful matches between a large number of scientific and technological achievements and financial support. The “OHTC Cup” has become an important launching point for the province and all cities (states) to promote mass entrepreneurship and innovation and develop a new economy to foster this new and dynamic energy.

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