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September 14, 2021 – The website Internet Outages Australia offers much-needed details on Instagram outages to internet subscribers and media outlets across the country. Vividly depicted charts, outage maps, latest statistics, and tweets reported by their loyal user base are readily available for anyone searching for reliable data on popular social media interruptions.

Instagram is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms in Australia; with over 10.45 million users by July 2020, its users inevitably experience outages from time to time. Out of various reasons that could cause Instagram outages, the majority could be attributed to the quality and availability of the internet. In order to ensure ISPs in Australia and ISP subscribers in the country have instant access to information on Instagram outages that occurred due to internet failures, Internet Outages Australia has introduced its latest dashboard – Instagram Outage Australia.

Instagram Outage Australia portrays disruptions that occurred during the past 24 hours and 7 days in the form of linear charts, statistics, and trends, and distribution maps so that readers could track trends conveniently. Moreover, the dashboard also provides a curated list of relevant tweets, user comments, Instagram reviews, Instagram support details, and even alternatives for unhappy users’ of the popular social media site. Besides the overall dashboard, users could also view region/city-specific Instagram outage details through the platform.

About Internet Outages Australia

Internet Outages is an up-and-coming independent website that records and reports data on internet outages within Australia. The website enables users to record important information related to service issues they experience with their Internet Services Provider (ISP) so that the ISPs could proactively solve potential issues before they lead to mass service disruptions. On the other hand, Australian internet users could use the platform to raise their voice as a collective on common connectivity issues they face or fetch important contact details of their ISP to contact them directly.

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