Flat Fee MLS Realty Helps Homeowners Sell Homes Faster Without the Commission Fee

This realty company allows homeowners to take control of their sales and keep more of their profits to themselves.

Hiring a real estate agent may be the easier road to take when selling a home. Leaving the work to the agent and just waiting for the sale to close in no time is an ideal scenario. But not everyone chooses to do so. Why? Simply because not all are willing or can afford to pay thousands of dollars for a sales agent’s commission alone. That is why many still sell their homes privately, thinking they can get the entire selling amount to themselves.

But this kind of set-up was years ago. Today, there are realty companies that help homeowners sell their properties without charging expensive commissions. Flat Fee MLS Realty offers its services to homeowners who want to sell their properties but do not want to pay huge commission fees. Flat Fee MLS Realty is a realty company that lists properties on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) marketplace and charges only a flat rate, no matter how much the homeowner sells his house.

Flat Fee MLS Realty owner/broker Stephen Hachey has over 20 years of experience in real estate, law, and finance which greatly help him with his company. He and his company have worked on numerous real estate transactions and continue to oversee transactions today.

“We have been helping homeowners keep more of their profit from the sale of their homes because we do not charge them with the usual commission rate,” said a company representative. “Though we charge less, we provide more — if not the same — exposure as when you pay for the commission-based service of an agent. That is why more homeowners are approaching us because they know we can help them get more out of their houses for sale.”

With Flat Fee MLS Realty, homeowners are charged only a one-time low fee to network the property on the MLS and other known real estate websites like Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and Homes.com. The company also provides homeowners with contracts and forms that are needed to sell the property.

Flat Fee MLS Realty offers various plans from which homeowners can choose which marketing features they want to avail of in pushing through with the sale. They are also required to complete a questionnaire regarding their home details. Then they are asked to prepare their homes for prospective buyer’s viewing. Once done, homeowners will then wait for sale inquiries and are allowed to handle the negotiations. With Flat Fee MLS Realty service, homeowners can take control of their sales. By just listing their properties in the MLS marketplace, Flat Fee MLS Realty allows them to interview potential buyers, schedule their viewings, and determine if they are qualified.

Selling a property without an agent may not be as easy as putting up a “for sale” sign in the yard. But with Flat Fee MLS Realty, homeowners now have the option to save thousands of dollars worth of commission, manage their sales, keep more of the profits, and have peace of mind during the sale proceeds.

To know more about Flat Fee MLS Realty, visit https://flatfeemlsrealty.com/.

About Flat Fee MLS Realty

Flat Fee MLS Realty helps homeowners sell their homes by listing their properties on the MLS marketplace. It provides homeowners with helpful tools, resources, and guidance when selling a home so they can maintain full control of the sale, save commission money, and select the right buyer for their homes. Flat Fee MLS Realty charges its clients only a one-time flat fee which helps clients save more of their profit.

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