Aquarius Delivers Meaningful Homeschooling Classes in the New Educational Reality

The online class aims to give all children access to an education that helps them become the best version of themselves, encouraging them to be in the lead of their learning journey.

Aquarius is an online school that upholds the value of homeschooling, giving children opportunities to explore a learning system that develops their character, resilience and motivation to pursue their goals.

Children engaging in meaningful play applied in real‐life and imaginary activities can challenge and expound their critical thinking. Adults do not often realize the power of meaningful play and the value of having fun in children’s learning experiences. Researchers and educators found that it is the key to learning. Meaningful play can help enrich the knowledge and development of critical skills such as inquiry, expression, experimentation and teamwork.

Aquarius’ learning philosophy is a combination of different learning methods such as online tutoring, daily learning-app routine, engaging with other children online and occasional in-person playdates.

Founders Olga and Jon Vikan believe that education is far beyond the textbooks and the four walls of the classroom. As entrepreneurs and parents, they pursue an alternative, groundbreaking learning approach. The world changes, and it also reshapes the new era of education. Parents and teachers need adaptive school systems and curriculums.

In an interview with ScandAsia, Jon said, “Development is happening so fast now that there are extremely good pedagogical apps for kids as young as four to five years old. They learn so much faster than in a traditional classroom. It’s amazing how kids adopt these technologies much faster than our generation. I feel it is the right way to go.”

The Aquarius team believes that students are motivated by their dreams and goals. And parents are responsible for providing them with opportunities toward becoming their best selves.

Joining the homeschooling program can provide several benefits for the children, including reduced teasing and bullying, easy online setup, closer parent-child relationships, time- and money-saving future-ready educational scheme and making friends anywhere in the world.

“People find online learning convenient. They have had some positive trials, and you save so much effort that otherwise goes into bringing the kids out in the traffic to school, etc. And especially when we can go back to a normal situation where people do more traveling again, I don’t see why homeschooling should be a disadvantage. You can bring your kids with you, and they can still learn while on the road,” Jon further added.

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Aquarius gives children opportunities to explore a learning system that develops their character, resilience and motivation to pursue their goals.

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