Triple Language Master Barbara Ulmer to Appear on ZTV in Feature on Learning Programs to Help Busy Executives With Expat Transitions

Houston, TX, USA – September 14, 2021 – BU Language offers, in addition to their English, French, and German immersion classes, English/ESL, French, and German business classes to help executives transition and further their career and cultural training to help expats and their families to transition into their new target culture with ease.

Founder and CEO of BU Language, Barbara Ulmer, is a Triple Language Master with experience in teaching in Oxford, England, studies in Germany and Paris, France. Ulmer also has firsthand experience in relocating and cultural studies with a thesis on international education.

The company offers customized lessons for infants to adults in ESL, German, and French with a focus on communication, which is based on functional grammar:

• BU Language offers German A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1, C2 certification preparation for children and adults. They also provide language and cultural training to easily help expats and their families transition into a new culture.

• BU Language also offers English and ESL classes for transitioning and furthering your business.

• Finally, BU Language offers French Immersion classes with a playful approach for children. Research has proven children learn new languages up to the age of 10 with native speaker fluency.

“Learn a new language using my system or programs in record time or at your own pace, for an easy transition depending on your needs. We have the expertise to lead you further in your career,” said Barbara Ulmer.

Those ready to venture into a new language and culture can book a free 30-minute consultation at

About Barbara Ulmer

Barbara Segun Kunle Ulmer is the Founder and CEO of BU Language has three Masters in English, French, and German from Europe with teaching experience in Oxford, England, and studies in Freiburg, Germany, and Paris, France. Ulmer has been an expat for almost 20 years, so she knows firsthand what it is like to transition culturally.

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