Obtain “Tailored” Single Domain Antibodies from Creative Biolabs

With extensive knowledge and experience in antibody research, Creative Biolabs provides custom solutions for single domain antibody production, humanization, and affinity maturation.

New York, USA – September 14, 2021 – Single domain antibody (sdAb) has extensive potentials in the clinic, which has gained mounting attention since the first discovery. Currently, there are several single domain antibodies from pharmaceutical giants under the clinical trial stage, revealing the market potential of sdAb, which still needs to be fully studied and excavated for more diagnostic and therapeutic usages.

Creative Biolabs is an expert in antibody development and engineering, providing custom sdAb solutions for global clients to accelerate their project progress, covering sdAb library construction, sdAb humanization, sdAb optimization, and sdAb engineering.

With high-end technology, technicians can construct both immunized sdAb library and synthetic sdAb library, through immunizing camel or the artificial modification of antibody structure, respectively. After screening out the sdAb of interest with high affinity and specificity, Creative Biolabs can proceed the large-scale production, which usually takes no more than 8 weeks before customers receive their antibodies.

Given that natural sdAbs are camel-origin and have high immunogenicity, clients always entrust Creative Biolabs to generate human sdAbs or conduct sdAb humanization, which is realized by grafting the CDR regions of a parental sdAb with antigen-specificity and affinity, or CDR grafting and back-mutation.

Like with ordinary antibodies, the affinity of sdAbs can be further optimized (Antibody Affinity Maturation) by means of quantitative library sorting by phage display or yeast surface display. At Creative Biolabs, a 10-to-100-fold increase in the affinity for sdAbs of low nM affinity can be achieved with the help of a proprietary DNA mutagenesis technique.

“Our capabilities for single domain antibody discovery are expanding,” said a technician at Creative Biolabs.

In addition to the above-mentioned solutions, Creative Biolabs has a pre-made sdAb library for the isolation of high-potency camelized human sdAbs, and also can instantly deliver the in-stock sdAb products, greatly shortening the waiting time.

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In the realm of single domain antibodies, Creative Biolabs is a well-known leader having experts specialized in the creation and production of unique single domain antibodies using sophisticated phage display techniques. Scientists may immunize camels, llamas, alpacas, and even sharks as repertoire sources to produce single domain antibodies against specific targets based on clients’ needs (antigens). Large protein molecules, membrane proteins, haptens, and other difficult targets may all be used in immunization process.

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