Pillar Plumbing Begin Partnership With Penguin Water Products

Pillar Plumbing Begin Partnership With Penguin Water Products

“Pillar Plumbing delivering Penguin water products to Houston”
Veteran Plumbers Expanding To Provide a Variety of High Quality Water Filters and Softeners.

Kingwood, Texas – 14th September, 2021 – Residents of Kingwood are already familiar with the high quality service provided by Pillar Plumbing and they will be happy to learn that the company are expanding their range of water softening and water filtration solutions.

Texas has some of the hardest water in the US, especially in the south of the state. This is caused by the limestone that underlies this part of the world. As the water filters through the limestone bedrock it absorbs the calcium and magnesium that cause hard water. Hard water leaves a residue that can stain appliances, damage equipment, corrode pipes and cause itchy skin. These issues are often not just inconvenient but also very expensive.

Pillar Plumbers have decades of experience dealing with the problems caused by hard water. The founder of the company in 1949 was Lloyd Chaffee, a veteran of WWII. Originally a hardware store, over the years the focus of the company shifted to the very successful plumbing and HVAC service side of the business.  Lloyd’s son Duane and his wife Betty took over the family business in the 1970’s. Duane also shared his skills and knowledge as a professor of HVAC and Plumbing at a local state college. In 2018, Duane’s son-in-law Dustin joined the company after completing a tour in the military, making Pillar Plumbers a 3rdgeneration business. Dustin soon qualified for his master plumbing license and Duane was happy to retire and leave the family business in his capable hands. Pillar Plumbing is flourishing, recently expanding into the Woodlands and Spring areas of Houston.

One of the keys to Pillar Plumber’s success is not just their expertise but also the high priority they place on customer service. As Dustin says “We treat our clients like family! We take pleasure in providing high-quality and reliable solutions that keep our clients happy and satisfied”. Although the company has grown and expanded over the years, it has retained its view that family values as essential.  All their plumbers are required to be helpful, drug-free, polite, clean, and experienced. Although highly qualified, they are also expected to continue their education, taking courses and regularly attending seminars to constantly update their knowledge, improve their skills and to keep up with all the latest innovations.

Due to the high standards Pillar Plumbing demand they have created lasting relationships with their customers and they confidently offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Dustin highlights that their emphasis is always on the customer. He says “We do not merely make promises; we guarantee our work. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that your plumbing system is fixed right the first time. Our warranties and guarantees are industry-leading since we really care about helping clients restore their home’s coziness. Our plumbers are different since we do not merely supply you with the best services, we also provide you with peace of mind. We are a team you can count on!”

Penguin Water ProductsThe satisfaction of their customers is one of the reasons Pillar Plumbing have entered into a new partnership with Penguin Water Products. Their products are assembled in the USA and have excellent warranties. The best way to deal with Houston’s notoriously hard water is with a water softener and Penguin Water offers industry leading water softeners. Whether you want the latest technology, with features like Bluetooth programming and remote monitoring, or an eco-friendly option with zero water waste and no electricity required, their range has something to suit everyone.

The amount of chemicals in drinking water has caused increasing concern for Texans recently. The spate of extreme cold weather during February 2021 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017 both led to water treatment plants failing and harmful containments escaping into the water system. The majority of Houston drinking water comes from the San Jacinto River, which has a long history of pollution. A recent Consumer Confidence Report stated that “Houston’s drinking water contains arsenic, but is below the state and federal action levels. Arsenic is known to cause cancer in humans at high concentrations and is linked to other health effects such as skin damage and circulatory problems”. Of all the major US cities, Houston is known to have the 3rdhighest level of chromium 6, the dangers of which were publicised by the Erin Brockovich film. Concerns about the level of lead in the water led to a recent announcement that Texas will start testing drinking water in all schools and day-care facilities. The recommendation of Texas Water Resources Institute is for concerned homeowners to install a water filter.  

Penguin Water Products offer water filtration systems of all sizes to fit any budget and Pillar Plumbing would be happy to advise on the best solution for each individual home. As well as allaying any fears about the quality of the drinking water, water filters have also been shown to be more economical and better for the environment. Pillar Plumbing are looking forward to offering the extra choice that the Penguin Water Products range provide to their customers.

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