Roberto Hroval: Themis Ecosystem™ and Online Industrial Exchange™ Will Accept Only CO2 Negative and Future-Oriented Projects

Roberto Hroval: Themis Ecosystem™ and Online Industrial Exchange™ Will Accept Only CO2 Negative and Future-Oriented Projects

“Roberto Hroval announced that the Themis Ecosystem™ and Online Industrial Exchange™ will accept innovative, high-value-added projects that have passed the “proof of concept” phase. Besides, they will have to have a highly positive impact on the environment.”
Roberto Hroval, the founder of Project Phoenix8 and US$22 billion giant Themis Ecosystem™, explains what types of projects will be listed on the Online Industrial Exchange™.

“Themis ecosystem™ wasn’t created for our projects exclusively,” says Hroval. “There are some really good projects which significantly reduce global CO2 emissions, solve major problems, create huge improvements for the industry, and have the potential to offer supporters big profits. Some of them already generate $100 million or more and could generate ten times more. The problem is that the community does not get involved because big deals happen in closed, rigid financial circles.”

This is where the Themis Ecosystem™ comes in. “It offers companies an innovative platform for faster and bigger expansion,” he revealed, “by selling their goods and CO2 neutrality, via special e-vouchers. We call them Industrial Token™ or iTo™. By buying Industrial Tokens™ and selling them for a higher price, supporters can make some good profits and contribute to the cleaner environment at the same time.”

Roberto Hroval calls these selected projects “the drivers of Themis Ecosystem™.” The first two drivers will be his innovative solutions for emission-free, green electricity: Project Phoenix8™ and Biomass Ultima™. They both meet the strict conditions for listing on the Online Industrial Exchange™. They have already passed the “proof of work” phase and are in a stage of expansion with huge potentials.

Besides them, the team develops a whole range of drivers that will come out in 2023 and 2024. But they must reach the “proof of concept” stage first. Roberto Hroval: “One of the biggest polluters on the planet is the food industry and, indirectly, the livestock industry. The task is to produce healthy and affordable local food of the highest quality without the exploitation of visible green areas, like forests and meadows. The food must be highly nutritional and as close to wild-crafted as possible. Free of chemicals, without GMOs, and easy to grow. The production should be independent of global weather trends and local weather conditions. The next challenge would be to produce a complete meat substitute.”

“When comes to healthcare,” Hroval said, “one part of the solution lies in quantum medicine. Radiofrequency and magnetic interferences, the release of negative thoughts, and other electro-magnetic and energy distractions cause disturbances. The cell ceases to perform its basic function. It can also deform and the result is a disease. The team works on a Quantum Voyager device. It communicates with the cells on the principle of the so-called quantum shift. The result is a frequency shift that balances the cell’s energy field. So, the Quantum Voyager directly improves the primary functioning of the cell.” 

The founder also revealed his thought on the future of transportation. “We are working on an implosion-powered, two-person aircraft FCX-01. The first corridor and a special heliport are being set up in the Netherlands already. The idea is to establish cheap air transport with autonomous vehicles based on the principle of sharing. The air distance is shorter and much faster than the road. Two hours of driving can replace fifteen minutes of air travel – without traffic jams, loss of personal time and energy. Air transport also has a remarkable positive environmental impact on reducing global warming.”

“When comes to living,” he continued, “the task is to create a modular, passive, and modern-looking smart house out of recycled materials. The project must reduce global warming and offer a fully functional, excellent living space. Without a loan.”

Roberto Hroval also shared his thought about personal development: “The task is to create an IT system that will extend the time for personal development and optimization of daily tasks. Our energy is precious. The time we have on this planet is limited. Let’s make the most out of them.”

The team is already working on the above-mentioned projects. They will gradually be listed on OIX™. This way, people will be able to participate in projects, earn some money, and support innovative, out-of-the-box solutions. Because all of these projects are CO2 negative, supporters will also contribute to the reduction of the global carbon footprint.

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