Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise Regardless of Pandemic

At the pandemic’s start, most of the medical aesthetic and cosmetic procedures industry took a hit. To keep the spread of Covid-19 minimal most procedures were delayed. However, as science has progressed and a better overall understanding of the virus emerges, things are slowly getting back to a new kind of normal. Though everyone still has to be cautious and mindful of social distancing and other world health organization recommendations, everything is starting to pick back up.

One of the results of the pandemic is an increase in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures overall.

“It seems like it’s a combination of things. The stress of 2020 is still with people; in those fine-line stress, wrinkles, and extra weight. And now there’s this expectation of always being camera-ready. Between zoom calls and live streaming, there’s not always time to hide those imperfections with some makeup and a flashy outfit.” Said a spokesperson of Canada MedLaser Clinics

Coolsculpting has become a particular favorite. It’s highly effective, with the ability to destroy up to 25% of the fat where it’s applied. It’s approved for nine areas, and those are some of the most stubborn spots. The dreaded double chin is one of the most popular areas to tackle. Coolsculpting works in regions of the body that are nearly impossible to do with diet and exercise. This procedure is a perfect fit for people who have worked really hard to get the body they want, but those last little bits of fat just won’t go away. 

Another reason Coolsculpting is one of the most sought-after procedures is that the recovery is minimal. For most people, it means just a little bit of redness and perhaps a little bit tender. Usually, there’s zero downtime.

Botox is another top choice for those looking to get procedures that aren’t intensive. Botox is probably one of the most well-known procedures, and that’s because it stands up past the trends and does its job. Some of the most popular locations for botox include the crow’s feet, forehead lines, and even those crinkles around the nose. In addition, botox shows dramatic change quickly with no recovery time. Results can deliver anywhere from three days after the injections to fourteen days for maximum results.

Last but not least on the list of popular treatments is laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a fast and effective way to get rid of stubborn facial hair for women, and it’s safe to use all over. It’s not instant, but it remains popular because no one wants to pluck, shave, or wax. Instead, lasers target the pigment in the hair, and It’s almost a permanent solution. It’s done through multiple treatments and works best on those with a fair complexion and dark hair.

About Canada MedLaser Clinics 

Canada MedLaser Clinics is a medical aesthetic clinic group that offers many types of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. They are staffed with a mix of highly trained professionals, doctors, registered nurses, and certified therapists. They offer procedures like microdermabrasion, laser skin treatments, skin resurfacing, derma fillers, botox and lip fillers, and cool sculpting. Consultations are provided before procedures, and they have qualified personnel to answer questions. 

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