Prometheus Reveals Innovative Drones For Increased Public Safety

Prometheus Reveals Innovative Drones For Increased Public Safety

Prometheus SA is a design company and manufacturer of a new class of highly advanced drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAVs) with civilian and military applications. The Prometheus flying robot is an innovative solution for police, firefighter, border guard, the public security sector, and natural resource management use.

The flying robot has many features making it a high-value device especially for high-risk tasks. Features of PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 make it possible for it to fly above demonstrations, clusters of people and strikes, search for and track cars as well as people. Moreover, the flying robot can support firefighters by making it possible to assess a fire scene and the extent of the fire from the air before the rescue mission is carried out. The flying robot can be used not only for the safety of people but also to have an impact on how we take care of our environment. The PROMETHEUS UAV can be used to map forests — establish their vastness and other relevant details such as canopy coverage, number of trees, volume estimation, and human activity in the area.

PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 is adapted to work and function in a multitude of environments and different weather and climate conditions. The drone can be used in temperatures varying from -15 to 50 degrees Celsius and during challenging weather conditions such as rain and snow while maintaining no-limit range coverage thanks to the use of GSM networks and satellite terminals for UAV control. Maximum flight time of the UAV is 3 – 5 hours. The robot is equipped in a pyrotechnic parachute — allowing the device to land safely in case of any accidents. PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can lift and transport payloads of up to 5 kg and carry out precise drops of small payloads such as medical reservoirs, emergency equipment or sample coolers.

The goal and mission of Prometheus SA is to make high-tech solutions available to all institutions working in service of the safety of the public and our environment. PROMETHEUS UAV GSM 077 can change the face of rescue missions, police searches, and environmental research.

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