The Chiropractor Clinic In Maryland For Pain & Spine Treatment Emphasizes Posture, Backpack weight, & Tech Neck As Kids Head Back To School

Neck And Back Pain In Schoolchildren: The Role of Backpacks & Computers

Baltimore City, Maryland – September 14, 2021 – The upcoming school year is going to be an adjustment for many families. The Chiropractor, Baltimore encourages families to inform their children on the importance of spine health and its daily impact on them. Upon returning to campus, students will spend long stretches of time sitting on desks, carrying heavy backpacks between classes, and spending long hours looking down at computer screens texting friends or studying which can all be taxing on young bodies. Not to mention, both intensive organized sports and extensive long bus rides can cause middle back pain. It is vital to teach children to hold their tablets or phones at eye level to alleviate any pressure placed on their necks. When the head is held upright the weight is 10 to 20 pounds. However, when the head is tilted forward the weight reaches 50 to 60 pounds putting a lot strain on the neck.

The number one Chiropractor Clinic in Maryland has some of the most trained and the best certified seasoned chiropractors that help patients of all ages live a pain-free life the the proper chiropractic adjustment. The Executive Director at The Chiropractor Clinic said, “Each year children put their bodies through unbalanced changes and it’s crucial to maintain their spine structure and avoid any middle back pain or misalignments as they grow up to lead a well-balance life.

The Chiropractor Clinic in Maryland suggests the following chiropractic adjustment tips to consider when finding a kid’s backpack:

• Backpacks should not be wider or longer than a child’s torso.

• Backpacks should have a padded back and shoulder straps.

• Backpacks should never weigh more than 10-15% of the total body weight.

• Pack the heaviest items as close to the back as possible.

The Chiropractic Clinic in Maryland is here to provide children of all ages as well as tweens and teens regular and affordable chiropractic care. To learn more about children and chiropractic care, visit For more information, call (667) 215 5546.

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