Queens Hip-Hop Scene Icon to Release Documentary Series The Real Mikey D History (His-Story)

Queens Hip-Hop Scene Icon to Release Documentary Series The Real Mikey D History (His-Story)

Considered one of the most iconic hip-hop legends from Queens, New York, The Real Mikey D, best known as Mikey D and The LA Posse, has worked with prominent names in the music industry. Backed by almost three decades of experience, Mikey D has perfected his craft. Today, he wants to share his story with the world through his independently produced documentary series, The Real Mikey D History (His-Story).

In 1993, The Real Mikey D joined forces with the legendary hip-hop group called Main Source. The partnership resulted in a live performance on Soul Train and a triple-platinum plaque from Madonna, who sampled their single “What You Need.” Further down the road in 1998, The Real Mikey D signed with Sleeping Bag Records, which entered him to the New Music Seminar Battle for World Supremacy. The rapper came out victorious and was granted the battle championship belt, propelling his career to greater heights. 

Fast forward to 2019, The Real Mikey D teamed up with his friend and co-worker Calvin Smith, better known for his moniker Cal Cutter. Together, the duo built a company from the ground up and called it Pass The Torch Distribution. Gathering support within the music industry, including the help of Rob Schwartz of Who?Mag, the company became a massive success.

Since the beginning of his journey, The Real Mikey D has shown no signs of slowing down. He continues to take great strides to achieve his goal. Today, Mikey D is the creator and executive producer for a brand new documentary series and platform called The Real Mikey D History (His-Story). The show is being produced with his trusted cameraman and co-producer, Cal Cutter. The rapper also teamed up with Rob Schwartz again to bring his promising documentary series to life.

The Real Mikey D History (His-Story) is a reflection of the life The Real Mikey D has lived over the years, sharing raw and authentic stories on people he met and events he experienced along his path. But the show is not completely centered around Mikey D alone. The documentary also showcases the artist’s greatest influences and the people that pushed him for greatness. As the host of the show, Mikey D aims for audiences across the globe to connect with his story and be inspired as he interviews every guest set to be on the show as they uncover the truth about his past, goals, and future plans.

With Cal Cutter behind the lens, The Real Mikey D ensuring the flow of the documentary, and Rob Schwartz connecting the dots, The Real Mikey D History (His-Story) is definitely worth all the anticipation. The documentary will also feature Steve Cas Art, adding a special touch to the visuals that are very much needed to engage today’s audiences. 

“It took one person with a great idea, and another person who believed in the idea,” shared Mikey D. “Together, we made it happen. We purchased our own equipment and learned to do our own production and editing. The reason it works so well is because each man is in charge of his own skill.”

In five years, The Real Mikey D and his team of film enthusiasts aim to take things further and produce more masterpieces that will soon conquer the big screen. With the amount of talent pooled into a small circle of creatives, the sky is indeed the limit as to what they can achieve together. Beginning with The Real Mikey D History (His-Story), the group aims to amplify more stories to mainstream audiences and shed light on narratives worth telling.

Learn more about The Real Mikey D and his upcoming documentary series on his website.

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