What is Spendow? The free fundraising platform generating charitable donations via partnerships with leading brands.

Spendow is empowering people to create positive change by generating charitable donations from everyday purchases at leading retailers.

London, UK – Spendow is bringing consumers, charitable causes, and leading retailers together onto one platform to create a 360-degree fundraising platform that generates charitable donations from everyday purchases.

Spendow is combining eCommerce with traditional fundraising. Their fundraising solution allows the general public to make a positive change while making purchases at their favourite retailers. All that is required from donors is to find their chosen charitable cause to support, search for their favourite brand and make their purchases as they usually would. Their donation is processed at checkout and sent via Spendow; leading retailers and brands donate a percentage from the purchases made to the relevant charitable causes, allowing them to donate thousands each month. Overall, Spendow has created a simple and easy to use platform for consumers. 

Over 2000 brands and retailers are currently partnered with Spendow – including Nike, Puma, Asos, and Tommy Hilfiger – which is regularly increasing to provide customers with more opportunities to make charitable donations. Leading brands benefit from partnering with Spendow, as the fundraising platform allows businesses to deliver on international sustainability goals, such as the United Nations SDG Goals. 

Spendow also offers eCommerce fundraising tools for charitable causes they partner with; their partners include British Liver Trust, Project Fearless, and Sickle Cell Society. Their tools include a webstore with over 22 million products to generate donations from purchases made online. The webstore also features a directory that allows shoppers to visit the website of their favourite brands to make their purchases, ensuring contributions made go directly to the relevant cause. Furthermore, their eCommerce fundraising tools feature an Android app and Google Chrome add-on to make generating donations simple and easier for consumers, maximising the fundraising opportunity. In creating a modern and innovative platform for charities, Spendow helps to connect charities with younger shoppers, unlocking a new generation to generate funding opportunities.

However, Spendow also recognises the value of traditional fundraising tools. They offer an encrypted payment option for single and recurring donations, as well as user-created Fundraising Pages – a traditional form of fundraising commonly seen online – to boost donations and outreach.

Spendow have big plans for the future – they plan on adding raffles and auctions to their fundraising tools, allowing more opportunities for fundraising. Spendow have created a valuable platform for supporting charitable causes and have partnered with a range of leading charities.

For more information on Spendow and their 360-degree fundraising solution, visit https://www.spendow.com/

About Spendow

Spendow is a free, one-stop fundraising platform designed to bring consumers, charities and leading brands together to generate charitable donations. By partnering with leading retailers, Spendow allows the public to make charitable donations while making their everyday purchases at no extra cost to them. In addition, by building their partnerships with eCommerce businesses, Spendow has created a 360-degree fundraising platform to bring a new and innovative solution to traditional fundraising.

For more information on Spendow and its mission in supporting charitable causes, visit https://www.spendow.com/

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