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Free training aimed at creating generational content.

Dan Conover is the founder of FunnelAttic, a top blog, training, and content resource that helps businesses of all sizes build lead-converting sales funnels from start to finish. Conover’s love for sales funnel marketing inspired him to share his passion and talent for converting with companies across industries.

Anyone who knows the first thing about marketing understands that knowing and catering to their company’s ideal customer is the key to succeeding in business. For a limited time, FunnelAttic is offering companies free training to help them find, understand, and reach their dream customers and increase website traffic. In the training, Businesses will discover the traffic hack that will save them time and increase engagement in just three days.

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Companies across industries have increased their ROI with the lead-converting power of sales funnels. Despite the tactics simplicity, many have yet to discover what a sales funnel is. Sales funnels are journeys designed by a company’s marketing team that leads prospects to a sale. Generally, there are multiple steps to a successful funnel, and according to a study by Demand Gen Report, 97% of B2B buyers view more than one piece of content from the vendor they ultimately select.

Essentially, a sales funnel converts leads by building trust, offering value, and providing their audience with very specific solutions to their very specific problems. Of course, marketers can’t do this unless they know their very specific ideal customers very well. FunnelAttic’s free training helps companies identify and get to know their ideal customers and build a sales funnel that connects with them.

Free Training:

While social media accounts, and even platforms, disappear daily, sales funnels don’t rely on third party platforms. FunnelAttic’s new free training shows companies how to create their own traffic sources, free from the restrictions of third party platforms.

With FunnelAttic’s free training, companies can start building out foundational content that will drive traffic on its own. Those who are interested in taking advantage of the free training can find it here:

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