MLILY Kids Launches JAMA, its First Collection of Mattresses and Pillows for Kids

Giving kids the best sleep with superior sleep items.

Sleep has always been an essential part of people’s everyday lives. While getting enough and regular sleep promotes a healthy lifestyle for all ages, it plays an even more crucial role in children’s development. It is known not only to improve kids’ attention, behavior, learning, memory but also their overall mental and physical health. However, parents would know how challenging it can be to create a conducive environment that meets their children’s sleep needs. And one that is often overlooked is where they sleep in – their beds. Apart from establishing good sleep hygiene and age-appropriate routines, it is essential for children to get the right sleep support as their bodies continue to develop.

For parents who are looking for comfortable mattresses and pillows specially designed for children, MLILY Kids’ JAMA Collection just might be the best choice. With the goal of providing the perfect foundation for growing families to share lasting bedtime stories, JAMA offers products with design and flexibility that both children and parents will surely love. Aside from its fun early ‘90s pop design, JAMA’s line of mattresses and pillows were designed by none other than MLILY’s team of sleep experts who prioritize children’s safety at all times. In fact, their products are CertiPUR-US Certified for safety, durability, performance, emissions, and content. This means all foams and fabrics are made without harmful substances and undergo third party testing to ensure the safety of their products for children’s usage.

Available exclusively in Amazon, the MLILY Kids’ JAMA collection includes mattresses with two colours, light blue and light purple, and two thicknesses of 5” and 7”. Since all their mattress styles are under the recommended 8”, bunk beds and standard beds with bed rails become much safer and less likely to aid in falls and rollovers. That said, JAMA memory foam mattresses are considered bunk-bed friendly due to their low profile, which helps keep little noggins safe from any under-bunk accidental head bumps. Not to mention, their all-foam filling called Adaptifoam boosts breathability and airflow while providing multiple layers of contouring support and comfort to kids without the bounce found in innerspring mattresses. These are especially important features for kids, since they tend to be more active and playful on their beds.

On the other hand, the JAMA memory foam pillow can be easily adjusted based on one’s preferred height and feel, thanks to its three individually wrapped removable layers. Its top layer has a contoured surface for neck and shoulder support, while the two flat bottom layers allow for height adjustments.

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