New E-Learning Site Gives People Access to Over 1,260 Courses for an Affordable Rate helps folks learn about some of today’s most relevant subjects from top experts for as little as $15 a month.

The pandemic has forced people to remain stuck at home to keep safe. To escape from the monotony of everyday life and enrich their knowledge base, people turned to the internet to learn different skills. From learning to play a musical instrument to acquiring the know-how on editing photos and videos, the available topics are endless.

YouTube is the go-to place to learn stuff for free. The downside is that not everyone on YouTube that has a channel is an actual expert on their specific field. This is particularly concerning for people who wish to study more technical topics or those that require the help of actual experts or qualified instructors to be understood. In such cases, it may be more beneficial for individuals to sign up for online courses.

Over the past few years, e-learning platforms have experienced exponential growth, opening up an entire world of possibilities for education for people who wish to level up their skills or expand their knowledge. People can now learn everything from creative writing and design to science and business. And as with these legitimate e-learning platforms, there is assurance that people are learning from real-life experts in their fields., a digital learning platform, understands these pain points of students and individuals who want to learn more about the different subjects that concern them.

What separates from other e-learning platforms is its support of instructors. believes in transparency. It works closely with instructors and makes sure they have the support they need to create the best content they can that would help educate people. Supporting instructors at ensures that instructors receive a bigger chunk of the payments than they would at other online learning platforms. was founded by a team of people who specialize in online education and technology. Not only did this allow the platform’s founders to launch in a matter of months, but it also let them put up the website without needing to hire teams of web developers and engineers, thereby cutting costs and allowing students to avail themselves of courses at affordable rates, and the instructors to get a bigger portion of the income.

Right now, offers over 1,260 courses, and more than 3,500 hours of video from some of today’s top experts in fields like Business Analytics, Fine Art, Heath and Wellness, Cryptocurrency, Animation, Languages, and more. Students can avail of each course for just $19.97 or get unlimited course access for as little as $15 per month, with a 14-day free trial.

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About strongly believes in opening the doors of opportunity for everybody who wants to teach or learn something. That’s how, a global educational marketplace, was founded. champions transparency and supports instructors in every way possible by giving them a good portion of their income. fosters education over the dollar and is focused on creating healthy learning and teaching environment.

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