Institute for Organizational Mindfulness Partners with MindfulText to Launch New Wellness Program

Partnership agreement signed to bring new offering to companies aiming to enhance wellness among employees by integrating mindfulness practices into the flow of work.

The Institute for Organizational Mindfulness (IOM) and California-based technology startup MindfulText have signed a general partnership agreement to launch a new year-long program designed to help companies integrate mindfulness into the flow of work. This partnership brings a new science-backed program for learning mindfulness to IOM’s ecosystem of solutions for corporations, while marking an important milestone in MindfulText’s entrance to the market as it enables the company to offer its services to more businesses interested in mindfulness at work.

Under the new program, corporations that partner with IOM will have access to a unique SMS-based learning program developed by MindfulText that teaches employees mindfulness concepts through simple, engaging text messages. Starting with basic mindfulness concepts through to advanced techniques, the program is designed to build lasting habits that not only improve company culture with a more enjoyable working environment, but also increase employee productivity and quality of work.

“MindfulText is the first of its kind, and we are delighted to work with their passionate team to bring this innovative new offering to our customers while advancing our mutual goal of making mindfulness more accessible in the workplace,” said Michael Foster, Chairman of IOM.

“The past year has made it more clear than ever that our world needs mindfulness, and there is no better place to start than at work. We are excited to partner with IOM to accelerate the adoption of mindfulness in the workplace with our SMS-based programs,” said Mark Montalban, MindfulText CEO. “We look forward to creating a future where mindfulness isn’t just a benefit, but is instead a necessary foundation to every successful business.”

Market research supports new mindfulness offerings for the workplace. A 2021 Mindfulness in the Workplace Survey reported that 54% see an increase of staff participation in mindfulness offerings in the next year. Data also revealed that key success predictors within large tech companies were skills that mindfulness contributes to such as good communication, teamwork, and empathetic leadership. Recent scientific research that incorporated MindfulText found that participants experienced a significant decrease in stress, mind-wandering, and COVID-19 related stress.

About IOM

IOM is a big tent for leaders in business, science, healthcare, education, non-profit and government organizations. Together, we’re building a global learning community, to advance the practice of science-based mindfulness for personal and organizational performance — and a platform for shared experiences, best practices and lesson-learned at the front lines of today’s workplace.

About MindfulText

MindfulText creates mindfulness content specifically designed for the SMS texting channel and works with companies, consumers, and universities to deliver engaging content experiences. Our configurable text, SMS, and MMS programs integrate with existing systems and work toward specific goals such as stress reduction, productivity, personal growth, and more. Original content is supplemented by scientific research, 1:1 coaching, and themed text nudges. Text nudges work to introduce learning concepts, measure engagement, and simplify complex processes into short, thought-provoking texts. Join us and our mission to build a more mindful future.

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