In-Telecom launches New advanced cloud-based Unified Communication Solution for easier WFH in new-normal era

ITC Cloud by In-Telecom is bridging the gap between an office and working-from-home by providing a robust unified communication solution.

Slidell, Louisiana – September 14, 2021 – In-Telecom is pleased to announce the recent launch of its state-of-the-art cloud-based Unified Communication Solution. ITC Cloud, as the latest product is called, allows businesses to work from anywhere, anytime, and any device. The cloud-based solution also comes with its signature app for tablet and mobile phone users. 

In an exclusive interview, Shawn Torres, the CEO of In-Telecom, shared that ITC Cloud is designed to support the new trend of WFH (Work-From-Home) culture in the new-normal era with its “Unified Communication” technology. 

“Our latest cutting-edge ITC Cloud enables users to work from anywhere, on any device, and anytime. Whether it’s from a VoIP phone, cell phone, or computer, our Unified Communication Solution will allow you to work seamlessly on any device. Best part is, it makes switching between one device and another a breeze even for the least tech-savvy users”, stated Shawn Torres, the CEO of In-Telecom. 

“The ‘new normal’ era can be defined by massive adoption of the WFH trend – although some companies have resumed working in offices yet most of the employees prefer to work from home only for the major part of the week. Given the circumstances, there is a growing need for a Unified Communication Solution that will allow convenient access to your office desktop from your home and vice versa for a seamless operation, irrespective of your physical location and choice of device. ITC Cloud makes working from home easier and simpler than ever with its seamless unified communication facility. All you would have to do is to bring your office VoIP phone home and then just plug it into your router, or else use your smartphone or desktop to access everything in the Cloud. ”

ITC Cloud allows users to conduct HD Video Meetings (up to 25 participants) with recording and chat facilities. It is designed to be a handy tool for virtual meetings to help business owners stay connected with employees and clients. The solution is backed by a 24/7 helpdesk to attend to user queries and emergencies anytime.

Top features of ITC Cloud –

  • Cloud storage integrations with Google, Box, Dropbox
  • Easy call management and phone system administration
  • Automatic call recording facility
  • Web-based softphone
  • Exclusive ITC Cloud mobile app for tablets and smartphones
  • No cap limit on business SMS
  • Multi-language and multi-level IVR
  • Chat with presence (web-based and mobile)
  • Allows Google Speech-to-Text function
  • Personalized auto attendants
  • Allows Audio conferencing with multiple participants up to 10
  • Voicemail to email and text transcription
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Outlook and Teams 
  • Allows graphical call reporting
  • Click to dial and call screen pop 

“Backed by advanced and functional features, ITC Cloud is intelligently designed to improve your productivity and make business operations simpler and hassle-free. In case of queries or emergency situations, we are always a call away and that too 24/7. We assure you the best customer experience, right from the start to the final stage.”

Based in Louisiana, In-Telecom is a name of big repute in the contemporary tech service scene across the nation. Initially founded as a consulting and business telephone system solution provider in 2009, the company has now grown into a leading full-service technology company. In-Telecom is renowned for offering premier Managed IT services, Access Control & Security services, and cloud-based Unified Communication Solution. Over the years, the company has earned rave reviews for industry-leading service, comprehensive support for clients even after the sales, and dedicated customer care.

“Count on us as your one-stop full service tech support partner for any kind of tech device or service, ranging from VoIP, cloud telephone, video conferencing, data backup, cyber security, managed IT support, physical security, internet services, and more. We are backed by a team of highly skilled and advanced techies who assures premier tech support and personalized attention at every step of the project. Also, we specialize in providing customized solutions for clients to help them address their specific business needs at their best.” 

In-Telecom caters to all sizes of businesses and types of organizations, ranging from large corporations to small startups to even government entities. 

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