Get to Know a Home’s Best Friend in Hillsdale NJ

Get to Know a Home’s Best Friend in Hillsdale NJ

Jim Hodges, Owner of Gladiator Services
A 24/7 company caring about their community and providing homeowners with home health safety and efficiency.

by Kathy Ryan

Hillsdale, NJ – A home is a place of security and refuge for family and friends. A place to unwind from the stressors of the day and a shelter from the ever-changing weather.

When everything is running perfectly, the last thing on a homeowner’s mind is their heating, cooling, or plumbing systems.

“What people don’t realize is that the HVAC and plumbing systems ARE the very thing that make a home safe and comfortable,” says Jim Hodges, Owner of Gladiator Services. “When these things stop working, the home very quickly goes from a place of refuge to a huge stress point.”

This is why Hodges says it is really important for homeowners to get to know their local HVAC and plumbing company and develop an ongoing relationship with them… before problems crop up.

“When one of our regular customers calls us it is generally not for an emergency situation because we take care of all the maintenance and upkeep to ensure their HVAC and plumbing systems never fall into a state of disrepair.”

Hodges says that houses are like people and they all have their own unique attributes, strengths, and points of weakness.

“When we get to know a house and its occupants, we can better anticipate their needs as well as areas that may become points of concern in the future. We aren’t walking blindly into an unfamiliar situation.”

Regular maintenance improves performance and increases the life of the system… which reduces monthly bills, protects their significant home investment, and reduces the likelihood of unexpected problems.

Having a company that gets to know your home versus just calling anybody can end up saving a homeowner hundreds-to-thousands of dollars.

That is why Hodges made a point of becoming a “one call does it all” home service company. Gladiator Services is a family run business that has been servicing the area of Hillsdale, NJ for over 4 years. They specialize not only in HVAC and plumbing, but also indoor air quality which is a growing concern for many homeowners.

The quality of indoor air can be affected by a variety of factors including pet dander, allergens, bacteria, and mildew. This can negatively affect children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Thankfully there are ways to improve the air quality of the home to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

“This is just one more area we can advise our customers on when we get to know them and understand their home and personal needs. We are a home’s best friend and we are here for our customers 24/7 so that their homes remain a place of health, comfort and safety.”

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