Spark Of Death By Christopher Bates Is A Must-Read To Make One’s Heart Pound With A Rich Blend Of Characters And An Absorbing Storyline.

Christopher Bates’s Spark of Death is an unputdownable book full of suspense, action, and romance, making it off the charts. This book shows Christopher’s ever-growing depth as an author.

Some people love to snuggle up with a long, slow read—others with the latest tearjerker memoir. The rest love their books bursting with action, adventures, and romance! Romantic action stories are empowering and offer wonderful escapism and the right way to take an enjoyable break. These more profound and enriching stories feed the mind and soul. There are myriads of romantic action stories that cover a significant part of human life and tragedy. People who love to be a part of adventurous and romantic journeys can get the best storyline in the book “Spark of Death.”

Spark of death by Christopher is a bonus for readers with a theme of thriller romantic action story. The book is packed with action, sizzled with suspense, adventure and has a highly well-developed story with strong, believable characters. The story is about three heroes, namely Sparks, Kelia, and Alex. Book one of a two-book series follows Jonathan Ishmael Sparks as he quickly realizes the Agency he works for hides ulterior and otherworldly motives.

Following the adventures of the three heroes, Spark of Death takes the reader through a physical experience of a spiritual battle with well-structured characters, raging not only on earth but in each one of our hearts. Reading this book will empower one to shine a light on their spiritual battle and break the darkness. Infusing the stylistic traits of action into every scene of the story attracted the reader. With the understanding that human psychology is always attracted by adventure, the writer did the fusion of adventure and action to spark curiosity among the readers. They will find themselves holding their breath every time the hero of the story is in danger. As an author, Christopher succeeds in fetching the interest of the reader.

Christopher is a master of character development with intricate and satisfying plotting skills. He is known for weaving tales that draw the reader in, making him a masterful storyteller. Born in Austin Tx. in 1980, Christopher Taliaferro Alexander Bates is a man who has been experiencing life and its wonders. Like many African American youths, he was raised without proper male influence by his mother and Grandmother. With a passion for writing, he started his first book at the age of thirty-seven. The absence of major ethnic and female leading characters in the books he read influenced him. His belief that imagination is a person’s greatest tool is fueled by his desire to encourage all to be imaginative. All in all, Christopher marked himself as a polished author with significant expertise in grabbing readers’ attention with the best storyline of Spark of Death.

The book also has a soundtrack named as Spark of death soundtrack. It is available on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple music.

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