Project Business Automation Improves Productivity in the Construction Industry

Project Business Automation Improves Productivity in the Construction Industry

Matt Mong, VP of Market Innovation and Category Design at Adeaca, the leader in Project Business Automation (PBA), an all-in-one business management cloud solution for project-based companies, was recently featured in the recent issue of Construction Today magazine. Mong discussed why construction must identify as a project business to optimize activities and investments.Read the full article here.

According to Mong, productivity in the construction industry has remained stagnant or even declined over the last few decades. This is not only due to poor project business management and the lack of technological innovation, but also the fact that construction companies fail to recognize themselves as a project business.

“Failing to recognize a construction company as a project business makes it almost impossible to organize and support the business processes in a way that sets contractors up for success. Chances are business processes are set up in a haphazard, disjointed fashion where nothing is integrated. In addition, the problem is made worst due to the lack of business systems support for these types of companies,” added Mong.

Construction Today magazine is a vital resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the issues facing companies involved in the built environment.

About Adeaca:

Adeaca is the first company to introduce Project Business Automation (PBA), a new category of software systems built for companies who consider projects an important part of their business. Recognized by Forrester,  PBA is revolutionizing how projects get done by providing the capabilities to manage and govern project processes from beginning to end.  

The PBA Quick Guide provides a high-level overview on how PBA focuses on the business side of projects and how to apply new rules to improve key business drivers.    

Adeaca knows the challenges of managing and delivering projects, whether external or internal, and the solutions to solve them. The Adeaca team consists of project experts who understand that many companies cannot deliver better outcomes due to three primary conditions:   

  • No standardized project governance  
  • No timely information to detect problems early enough to rectify them  
  • Inefficient collaboration among project team members and stakeholders    

Adeaca recognizes that these problems stem from a lack of process and information integration, meaning systems run separately in silos, data are not shared, and processes are not synchronized. Without real-time data any insights are outdated, and manually compiled data are prone to error and bias. As a result, stakeholders cannot access information easily in a timely fashion, leading to poor collaboration and project outcomes.   

PBA is the only solution available that puts projects front and center, integrating the business and operational aspects of projects together.   

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