Katelynn Ansari and Todd Medina Teach Women to Fight Back through Self Defense

Katelynn Ansari and Todd Medina Teach Women to Fight Back through Self Defense

In recent years, violence against women and girls has risen to astronomical levels. Several statistics show that one in every three women has been subjected to violence ranging from domestic abuse, intimate partner violence, non-partner sexual violence, and other forms of violence. While several measures are in place to curb violence against women and bring the perpetrators to book, Katelynn Ansari and Todd Medina take a more direct approach and teach women to fight back through self-defense.

“We want women to feel heard, to be seen, to know that self-defense is attainable and important. We’re here to teach women that it’s important to feel like a badass with a personal skill set of self-defense techniques. It’s been far too long, ladies; self-defense is so important to learn,” they declared.

Based in Southern California, Katelynn Ansari is a former model who has now embraced the joy of motherhood. As a once single mom living alone, she had learned to brave the scary storm alone, warding off stalkers and threats to her family to protect herself and her babies. Describing the harrowing experience, she says,  “I didn’t sleep much. I slept with one eye open.” 

Now in a much better place, Katelynn understands that many women are stuck in similar situations without defending themselves. So, to empower these girls and women, help them take back control of their lives, be strong and find confidence, Katelynn introduces self-defense. “I feel so compelled to teach women’s self-defense because the world is a scary place these days! As a mom of two, I found myself overwhelmed with anxiety about going outside with my kids, which didn’t sit well with me. But, I am a strong woman who has power over her own life, and I wasn’t about to let the world tell me otherwise,” she explained. 

To set the ball rolling, she reached out to Todd Medina, a UFC veteran, a 13x world champion and a professional fight coach in Orange County, CA, after watching his informative videos on TikTok. Growing up, Todd suffered from domestic abuse, and so when Katelynn approached him to combine their skills to teach others to defend themselves, he answered in the affirmative. Katelynn’s first-hand experience of being a woman in a cruel world and a mother of two, combined with Todd’s impressive agility, skills and extensive knowledge of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, makes the duo the perfect powerhouse and teachers for women’s self-defense, empowering women with simple yet effective techniques that can be done anywhere.

With the rise in violence against women, including human trafficking, Katelynn and Todd are motivated to give these girls and women a fighting chance to protect themselves. They aim to change the narrative and teach more girls and women aged 5 to 85 years how to defend themselves.

“Every woman should have access to the basic self-defense techniques to feel confident and powerful,” she shared. 

When asked about plans in an interview, Katelynn said, “I see us teaching women’s self-defense all over the world—at gyms, on talk shows, at pop-up fitness festivals, everywhere! In 5 years, I would love to confidently say we’ve taught 1 million women the basics of self-defense,” she continued, “I get so excited when we have a women’s self-defense event. Being face to face with strong, badass women who want to learn is everything.” 

To learn more about Katelynn Ansari and Todd Medina and their self-defense classes, visit their website.

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