Authorcation Is a New Platform Revolutionizing How Authors Sell Their Personally Autographed Books

Authorcation uses blockchain technology to allow authors to sell personally autographed copies of their work to their readers without having to physically go to bookstore signings.

First, no one has ever thought to allow people to order personally autographed books online. Authorcation makes it very easy for them to do so.

Second, Authorcation allows Authors to sell their personally autographed books to their readers at a premium price and earn 100% of the commissions.

Third on every book sold Authorcation pays a 5% commission to the person who referred the author to the platform. This is a really great way for anyone to earn a residual income.

Forth, Authorcation uses blockchain technology so as more authors join, the more valuable the Authorcation cryptocurrency becomes to those who purchase and hold it.

Fifth, Authorcation is designed to work side by side with Amazon which is designed for readers who simply want the book while Authorcation is designed for the readers who would prefer to have a personally autographed copy of the book. Authors having the flexibility to send their customers to either can be very useful and everyone wins.

Autographed copies of books are incredibly popular yet they are hard to get. Getting one usually requires a person to attend a physical book signing which with the closing of virtually all of the bookstores is now much harder to do. Now It can be ordered from your phone or computer.

In today’s day and age, Authorcation believes it is shocking that nobody has thought to utilize modern technology to provide authors with a platform to sell personally autographed copies of their work. There will always be a place for a personal touch with books.

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