Ray Claveran Republishes Truisms of Life With Author’s Tranquility Press

Talented author, Ray Claveran, republishes his book, “Truisms of Life: Things I Have Learned About Life,” a self-help book on owning up to mistakes with Author’s Tranquility Press.

Ray Claveran has taken a giant step towards helping as many people as possible avoid common mistakes that can have devastating effects on their lives with the republishing of Truisms of Life: Things I Have Learned About Life. Ray is getting support from Author’s Tranquility Press with the project, a further reiteration of the publishing agency’s goal of helping writers reach their target audience across different genres.

“My hope in writing this book is to help as many people as possible to avoid mistakes we make in our daily lives and to understand what we must do to get along with one another. Looking back, I can see where a simple apology and asking for forgiveness would have been the easy way. You know what they say about hindsight,” said Ray Claveran.

Millions of people in different parts of the world often struggle with accepting their mistakes and moving on. Unfortunately, the situation leaves a burden in the hearts of such individuals, consequently holding them back from getting along with one another and making the best of their relationship. Over the years, several resources have been developed to help people in such a situation. Unfortunately, many of the guides have seemingly abstract content that readers can hardly relate to. However, Ray Claveran is looking to change this narrative and recently got the backing of Author’s Tranquility Press as he republishes Truisms of Life: Things I Have Learned About Life.

Ray Claveran aims to help others learn from his experience, narrating his problem as a young man, especially regarding owning up to his mistakes in words or actions. The book was initially published in 2019. However, the author has partnered with Author’s Tranquility Press, a leading marketing and publishing agency provider, to republish the book and reach more people.

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