“The Secret Life Of Mary White: Darkness Into Light” by Lenaye Marsten is Available Now

Lenaye Marsten’s recent book The Secret Life Of Mary White: Darkness Into Light is getting popular day by day as a novel inspired by a true story from the 17th century Piscataqua region of New England. The book is about a young woman Mary White who’s blessed with the magical gift of healing. Released in October 2020, the book has received rave reviews and has been appreciated widely, lauded by both the Kittery Naval Museum & Historical Society, Kittery, ME and Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth, NH, for its historical accuracy.

The story revolves around Mary White’s secret life of trying to help people with her healing powers and hiding them from the intolerant and ignorant people. Lenaye Marsten beautifully weaves the tale of a 17th century New England with vivid description and a captivating narrative. The story captures the prejudices that people had in those days against any magic and craft. Young Mary White must deal with the consequences of her gift to help others with her healing powers.

Lenaye tells the magical tale of Mary with panache, as a woman with a rare and misunderstood gift that she uses to heal and comfort the people in need. This book is a journey of a woman from darkness to light-filled with ups and downs. The story takes the readers into the fascinating world of magic, alchemy, and folklore.

“‘The Secret Life Of Mary White: Darkness Into Light’ is a story of triumph and tragedy and the transmutation of darkness into light,” said Lenaye Marsten.

“Enchanting and fascinating. The author’s historical accuracy, authentic dialogue, and settings sweep the reader away to another time and place”, said Paula Robinson Roussouw, author and columnist.

“Exquisite wordsmith: the dialogue was incredible, the story made me cry,” said Michael Nelson, Author, National Poetry Award Winner.

Available on Amazon, Lenaye Marsten‘s latest book is a treat that can’t be missed.

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