M.G. Montpelier Reflects on Five Decades of an American Crisis in My American Journey

Author and retired Federal officer, M.G. Montpelier, set to release a new book titled “My American Journey” a commentary on the fifty-year Republican Assault on America.

M.G. Montpelier is set to release another eye-opening masterpiece as he announces plans to publish a new book titled My American Journey. The much-anticipated project is in line with the goal of the author to project the nation’s struggle for a democracy of “liberty and justice for all” as presented by his previous works – “This American Moment,” “Bring Light Into The Darkness,” and “Every Vote Matters.”

American history is filled with interesting narratives, with different writers and commentators coming up with a new perspective and insights into the story. M.G. Montpelier looks to portray the story like never before, using a language that anyone can easily understand as he delves into the political and economic topics that bear witness to the frustration, challenges, and uncertainty of a free democratic people struggling to survive these difficult times of national pandemic, poverty, and climate change.

In “Bring Light Into The Darkness,” the author argues for the need for a renewal of the American spirit as readers learn about the current political and economic reality of how American prosperity for the many evolved into a nation of prosperity for the few. “Every Vote Matters,” highlights the political-economic “trickle-down” America reality and the importance of voting for every American as some 180 million Americans struggle with poverty wages to provide for the basic necessities of life. In “This American Moment,” the author chronicles the reality of the challenges and uncertainty faced by a disenfranchised people as they endeavor to confront systemic political greed and corruption in the struggle to bring about an America of Freedom, Democracy, and Prosperity for every American.

“My American Journey: Reflections on an America in Crisis 1971-2021,” which will be officially released in 2022, is a commentary on the fifty-year Republican Assault on America from the 1971 Powell blueprint to “save the free enterprise system from democracy” to the 2021 violent attempt to overturn the Constitution.

“My American Journey” will be available on all major platforms and online bookstores for patriotic Americans and lovers of history across the globe.

About M.G. Montpelier

M.G. Montpelier is a Catholic, Eagle Scout, teacher, genealogist, and retired Federal officer. A father and grandfather, he is a native of Rouses Point, New York, a graduate of Paul Smith’s College and the State University of New York at Plattsburgh, and author of three amazing books where he delves into the reality of an America in crisis.

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