8 at the table, laughter, intensity, self-reflection, and at times, some heat, this show has it all

The show featured on many popular social media sites such as world star and the shade room is airing season 4 with an all new lineup including Rico, Amanda, Erin, Naisha, Oliver, Holiday, Danny, and Nikki.

Don’t you ever crave coming home after a long day, sitting down in front of a TV and watching a good talk show? Something that discusses not just politics and economics but real-life issues that affect you or people around you in some way shape or form. Most talk shows these days revolve around politics or are highly scripted taking away from their human nature. 8 At the Table is a dynamic, edge-cutting TV show featuring 8 guests who aren’t afraid to tell it how it is when it comes to taboo topics. Over food and drinks, the hosts tackle all things love, sex, and relationship-related, plus everything in between. These conversations are filled with laughter, intensity, self-reflection, and at times, some heat.

At the core of 8 At the Table is the belief that perspective and a diversity of thoughts are kings. Each guest comes from a different walk of life, and what each person brings to the table is unique. So, while they might not all see eye-to-eye on 8 At the Table, that’s the beauty of it all. When you tune into 8 At the Table, you won’t just hear your own beliefs spewed back at you. Instead, they’re all about hearing what others have to say and opening themselves up to looking at life from the other side of the coin.

8 At the table believes in having taboo conversations in a no Judgement zone whenever the panel sits and discusses something such as love and relationships, this is really exemplified in their episode “Is chivalry dead?” Rico takes the stance of not being chivalrous, Rashaan disagrees with Rico given his experience with his daughters and would like for them to date a guy that gives them respect, the group does not reach a conclusion in the end, but they were able to view things from each other’s perspectives.

Another of the core tenets of this show is welcoming authenticity and being true to your nature, bringing your genuine self to the table. So when Blue Jas took the position of having her ex-boyfriend paying her bills in the episode” My Ex Still Pays My Bills” the rest of the panel members were opposed to the idea of having a previous lover still pay for your necessities while being romantically involved with someone else, however they did not judge Blue Jas and neither did she shy away from taking a position that she truly believed in. This led to incredible dialogue between the two sides where the others were finally able to understand why blue Jas took the position she did. Not only are these tenets incredibly useful for everyday conversation, it helps gain empathy and a more holistic understanding of others opinions.

The show has been appraised by many on the internet for its discourse formation on certain topics that are not talked about. It was featured on the Shade room, Hollywood unlock, E news on twitter and World star. The team at 8 At the table hope that listening in on their roundtable discussions inspires you to approach life with a fresher perspective.

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