Power The Super Dog: An Empowering Children’s Book

Children can and should be educated about people who experience the world in different ways, such as individuals with disabilities. Inclusion and acceptance of others are key mindsets that can be established at a young age, and the multi-talented author Queen Tizo has created a book for parents hoping to instill these values in their children.

While this title is geared towards kids between the ages of 3 and 7, people of all ages are sure to smile at the adorable tale of Power the Super Dog.

In this delightful picture book, readers are introduced to the story of Bella and her dog named Power. The rhyming tale begins by explaining Bella’s visual impairment in a way that young children will be able to understand. Then, the reader is taken on a journey through Bella’s experiences with Power, her guide dog, as the two work together to navigate the world. Power the Super Dog is a story of empowerment that helps kids understand that disabilities do not define people.

Queen Tizo infuses this Kindle book with fun and excitement by relying on her talents as a hip-hop artist. The story has simple rhymes that can be read over a beat. Parents are encouraged to try rapping the book to music to further enrich their children’s reading time. Even if music isn’t your strong suit, it’s an awesome way to get your young kids excited about reading!

Queen Tizo is adamant about not limiting herself in any capacity in life, and her character Bella has much the same mentality. With her unique talents and strong business skills, Tizo has been successful as a professional tennis player, a musician, a keynote speaker, business strategist, and, of course, an author. Her mission in life is to help other people recognize their own potential and begin living their best possible lives. “It’s not about me,” she says. “But us!”

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